Jimmy's Restaurant and Bar
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205 S. Mill St.
Aspen, CO 81611
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Cuisine: Steak & Seafood
Price: $20 - $50
Location: Aspen

Local Favorite
Late Night

Jimmy's Restaurant and Bar - Aspen

“Located at the heart of Aspen, Jimmy's presents the finest quality steaks (bearing the certified Angus beef trademark), Jimmy's Famous Crab Cakes made from Chesapeake Bay blue crab, chops, fresh seafood, and sensational desserts such as his award-winning Volcano Cake and Fairytale Swiss Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Cocktail culture is alive and rockin' at Jimmy's! Of all the Aspen bars, Jimmy’s bar is the “meeting place" in town. There is a full bar specializing in Tequila and Mezcal, and Jimmy's is recognized as having the finest selection of Agave based spirits in the country (105 in all). As one of 12 "Herradura Embassy's" and El Tesoro's one and only "Emperor”, Jimmy’s plethora of Margaritas and other specialty cocktails is astounding. There is also a great Aspen bar menu available 'till 11:30. Watch out for the locals, they are a lively crowd!

Since opening in June 1997 Jimmy and his family of Waiters, Hosts, Bartenders, Cooks and Dishwashers have taken great pride in offering the finest in American Cuisine, Wine and Spirits. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional Dining and Bar Experience. Our success has come to us through hard work, day in day out reinvention, relentless pursuit of efficiency, and the leap of faith that service is a most honorable profession. We have woven ourselves into the fabric of the Aspen Community and welcome you to Jimmy's”

Jimmy’s is open nightly from 5:30pm – 2am.

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