2.3 Star Rating  |  3 Reviews

413 E. Main St.
Aspen, CO 81611
Cuisine: Asian / Sushi
Price: $15 - $35
Location: Aspen

Vegetarian Friendly
Sushi Bar

Asie - Aspen

Asie is a cozy Asian fusion restaurant serving delicious flavors of the orient combined with tastes from around the world. Their menu includes a full sushi offering, family-style entrees, and affordable prices. Favorite menu items include the Thai Basil Chicken, the Parisian Shrimp, and the vegetarian Vietnamese rolls. Asie prides itself on friendly service and beautifully presented food, allowing for a taste of Asia in Aspen.

Asie is great for date nights, family gatherings, or just to kick back and relax with friends.


Asie - Reviews

Asie Aspen Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.3     |     3 User Reviews

Saturday 12/29/2012
| Stars

We love the food at Asie! Service has always been very good.

Wednesday 12/19/2012
| Stars

Worst restaurant I have been to in awhile over priced, lack of service, food tasted like garbage not fresh at all felt sick after eating there. I could have cooked there food better blind folded, ordered take out for my daughter an wife an spent 70 $ on 2 rice orders, 1 lo mein noodle , an 2 won ton soup small portions. On the phone I was told 50$ for everything an when I arrived it changed to 70$, very misleading restaurant don't eat here if you want a real meal that is not garbage and over priced for slop !

Wednesday 04/25/2012
| Stars

WORST SERVICE EVER I have never had such a terrible experience at restaurant in my life as I had with Asie. The waiter overcharged me, and I luckily caught his mistake when I was checking my debit card statement. When I called the restaurant for the first time I had to speak to two different people and I was told that they would fix the problem and get back to me. No one got back to me after a week so I called again, the person I talked to this time said it was no problem and said I would get reimbursed, he also asked me for my debit card information and with hesitation I gave it to him. I waited for two more weeks before calling again (I was not reimbursed) and this time I talked to the waiter who made the billing error. The waiter was so rude and so condescending, I have never been treated with so much disrespect. He said to me "I will pay out of my own pocket just to make you happy," I asked him what he meant by this and he claimed that he could not have made this mistake. This was the first time I have ever disputed any charge in my entire life. After continuing to put me down the waiter then asked if I could give him my debit card information (which doesn't make any sense because if he were paying out of his own pocket he would write a check and wouldn't need this info). Anyways, I told him that I had already given this info to his co-worker during a previous call. I overheard the waiter ask the staff member if I had given it to him and the staff member said "yes, but I lost it." The waiter asked me to give the numbers to him again and I told him that I did not feel comfortable doing this because they already lost my information. The waiter raised his voice at me and I was so upset that I had to hang up. I did not feel like being yelled at any longer for trying to get the money back that was rightfully mine. I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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