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205 S. Mill St., Unit 226
Aspen, CO 81611
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Cuisine: Italian
Price: $10 - $20
Location: Aspen


Brunelleschi's - Aspen

Brunelleschiís [ brooní a-letís ski] offers classic Italian, a full bar, and more gourmet pizza than you can ask for!

Located in the Center of Aspen in the Mill Street Plaza, Brunelleschiís is Aspenís hidden piece of Italy. Known for itís affordable contemporary cuisine, great family atmosphere, and amazing selection of gourmet pasta and pizza options, this restaurant is worth looking for. Great for date nights or a family get together!

Favorite menu items include the Capresse Pizza, Shrimp Fettucini, and the I-wan-Alana Salad. For the kids, order the ďmake your own pizzaĒ and watch the little ones get creative at the table, placing their favorite toppings on their own personal sized pizza!

Brunelleschi's - Reviews

Brunelleschi's Aspen Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 5     |     2 User Reviews

Sunday 12/16/2012
| Stars

Pros: Pizza is top quality. Salad is unique and fresh. Kid friendly (they give your child dough to play with). Staff is friendly. outside seating

Thursday 01/08/2009
| Stars

Brunelleschi's Pizza is one of my favorite dinner spots in town. Their staff is incredibly friendly, down to earth, and their food is high quality. Their pizza is great, but their pastas and salads are what makes the place worth while. Brunelleschi's is also kid friendly, which makes this a great family place to visit.

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