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Breckenridge Liquor Laws

Breckenridge is known for having great nightlife to compliment the incredible skiing. From après ski bars, to local breweries, to award winning wine lists, Breckenridge is a great place to find your favorite new place to enjoy a drink. However, Colorado does have a few restrictions on alcohol sales, which are listed below.

Restaurants with a liquor license can serve wine, full strength beer, and liquor 7 days a week. Wine bottles may be corked and removed from a restaurant if you do not finish the entire bottle.
Grocery/Convenience Stores
Grocery and convenience stores can sell 3.2% beer 7 days a week. Different stores have different hours, but none can sell alcohol after midnight.
Liquor Stores
Colorado liquor stores sell full strength beer, wine, and liquor 7 days a week (thanks to new legislation)
Breckenridge liquor stores are as follows:

City Liquors
400 N Park Ave
(970) 453-4313

Skee Vue Liquor
311 S Ridge Rd
(970) 453-2398

Summit Wine and Liquor
200 W Washington
(970) 453-1330

Ridge Street Wines
301 N Main St and 304 S Main St 
(970) 453-7212 and (970) 453-7212‎