Angel's Hollow
4.6 Star Rating  |  10 Reviews

113 S. Ridge St.
Breckenridge, CO 80424
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Cuisine: Bars and Nightlife
Price: $5 - $10
Location: Historic District

Local Favorite
Late Night

Angel's Hollow - Breckenridge

Angel's Hollow is an off-beat bar located in the Historic District of Breckenridge.  Built as a post office in 1961, owner Lee Walker transformed the original building into Angel's Hollow, a down and dirty miners bar that has become a local's favorite over the years.  In addition, it's been voted one of the "Best Ski Town Bars" by Skiing Magazine. 

Angel's Hollow is known for their fish tacos, elk steak, huge margaritas, and low-key mountain town biker vibe.

Angel's Hollow is open daily serving food during lunch, dinner, and late night hours.
Angel's Hollow - Reviews

Angel's Hollow Breckenridge Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 4.6     |     10 User Reviews

Wednesday 01/06/2016
| Stars

My all-time favorite restaurant. there are so few places like this and it is definitely an experience. I live in Kansas and the highlight of my year is coming to this restaurant. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and the owner is one of a kind. If you are looking for something pretentious and fancy, this is not it. But if you like a laid-back environment and are looking for a fun atmosphere and incredible food, this is the place!

Thursday 11/28/2013
| Stars

Best restaurant in Breckenridge! We love the ambience and attitude.

Thursday 07/11/2013
| Stars

I am sitting here as I write this. The food is pretty good. Basic fare. The local patrons had great food suggestions and the beer is cold. The bartender is a complete downer. She was rude to the couple sitting next to me. So much so that I felt uncomfortable. When I ordered mother drink she was rude to me as well. I came in from outta town looking for a fun place to eat and drink. Totally not the place. Too bad about the attitude.

Wednesday 11/21/2012
| Stars

The most amazing food I have ever had. Everyone at the table ordered something different and everything was to die for...The sauces were unbelievable, cannot even describe. I have not had a chile rellano as amazing as that in my life.

Wednesday 03/23/2011
| Stars

Angles Hollow is by far the best restaurant in Breckenridge and my all time favorite place to eat and drink. Lee is an outstanding Chef/margarita maker. I never go to Breckenridge without stopping by! You can’t go wrong!

Thursday 08/12/2010
| Stars

this is the best restaurant in Breckenridge trust me I tried a bunch of restaurants in Breckenridge there food were okay but angels hollow food is awesome great.if you are in Breckenridge come to angel hollow if you do not you wont have the best food my point is just go to angels hollow.

Wednesday 04/08/2009
| Stars

Angels Hollow is, in a twisted way, aptly named. Hours after dining here you may find yourself praying to the angels to deliver you from the spasms of grease rioting in your guts. And the hollow part: the missing cash that would have best been spent at another restaurant. The skull and crossbones pirate flag should have been the first clue that this small eatery would be capable of culinary skullduggery. My wife and two other guests went to Angels on the recommendation of a local who praised the establishment for two things: the margaritas and the owner’s homemade nacho appetizer. Both were nearly as good as promised, and like most of the items on the regular menu, reasonably priced for Breck. However, we chose from the nightly dinner specials, and were charged three times as much as a regular menu item. My wife and two guests each ordered a different entrée with the same outcome: devilishly overpriced food with the taste and complexity of wilted lettuce and the care of presentation one would expect on a pirate ship - soulless, sloppy, greasy and deeply disappointing eats. Fellow traveler, do yourself, your palate and your vacation a favor, and take the skull and cross bones flag flying outside as fair warning. Try Relish for a truly divine sampling of what Breckenridge can offer your soul and your appetite. Arrrrgh!

Saturday 01/10/2009
| Stars

We were in Breck for 5 nights and ate at Angel's Hollow for 3 of them! The food was fantastic! The specials were delicious and prepared with care and thought... by long-haired bikers. You either get this joint or you don't. If you get it, you will enjoy a terrific meal in a relaxed atmosphere, make a few friends, soak in the local color, and will become an instant regular. If you don't get it, you will think that the service is off-putting, and the boisterous crew sitting at the bar are hooligans. And you should probably have stayed at your hotel in the first place. If we vacation at another resort in Summit County other than Breck in the future, we will definitely travel to hang out at Angel's Hollow.

Thursday 12/18/2008
| Stars

This place is the best. We live here and we love it. Best margarita you've ever have. Fabulous pork tacos.

Friday 11/28/2008
| Stars

Whether it's one, two, several or a family, Angel's Hollow will become your new favorite, guaranteed. The food is amazingly priced with hamburgers and sandwhiches - the best in town - the french fries are not greasy (they're fresh!) along with tacos, nachos, etc., with home made salsas that we beg them to bottle. On the more elaborate side, their dinners are exceptional. You can order lunch items for dinner, don't get me wrong, but if you're looking for the best elk, venison, buffalo, etc., that you've ever had, come to Angel's Hollow. Ask chef Lee Walker for what he has that is not on the menu!!!! Tell him that you don't know what you want, and he'll give you some options according to what he has on hand that will knock your socks off. The portobellow mushroom pear demiglace elk medallions was second to none, and we dine out several times per week and spend an average of $5,000 per month. Angel's is one of our favorites!!! We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in Vail's most famious restaurant, Sweet Basil, and were disappointed. I sent my food back and got something else, and a few of the apps were hit and miss. Angels will never disappoint you. Lee Walker graduated from the CIA of New York and will knock your socks off with homemade salsas and sauces that five star restaurants can't provide with such low prices. Whether you're on a budget and looking for a big as your head burrito or want something that no other place can offer, you should try Angel's Hollow. It will quickly become your new favorite. It's off the beated path so when other restaurants in town have an hour and a half wait? They may be a little busy and they may not, depending on the day. If they are, a little patience will be worth the wait. It's located in the old post office across from Fatty's Pizza (don't go to Fatty's, we tried several of their pizzas and they aren't very good). Angel's is a little funky, but a fun place to go for the best food, margaritas and most reasonable prices in town. Guaranteed!!!!

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