Swiss Haven
3.4 Star Rating  |  5 Reviews

325 S. Main St.
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Cuisine: European
Price: $20 - $40
Location: Historic District


Swiss Haven - Breckenridge

The Swiss Haven is Breckenridge’s only Swiss restaurant, serving fondue and authentic Swiss cuisine. At The Swiss Haven you will enjoy a social dining experience like no other. The dining room is warm and inviting, with a feel of Switzerland everywhere you look. The Swiss Haven offers many types of traditional cheese fondues, along with seafood and meat options, and a chocolate dessert fondue that is not to be missed.

The Swiss Haven offers unique cuisine using only the finest ingredients available. Their Swiss cheeses are 100% grass-fed organic; a cheese like no other in the world. They also offer low-carb and low calorie alternatives.

Be sure to check out their extensive wine list, current specials and fine specialty drinks.

Take out and catering available.

Open for dinner every day from 5pm – close. Lunch is available Wed thru Sun.

Swiss Haven - Reviews

Swiss Haven Breckenridge Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 3.4     |     5 User Reviews

Monday 11/25/2013
| Stars

Worst meal in recent memory.

Friday 03/16/2012
| Stars

I'm 31 years old and tonight was the worst dining experience of my life thanks to one person...Olivia, our server. She has no comprehension of what customer service is and should have been fired immediately for how she treated myself and 11 family members. I've never felt so unwelcome and neglected especially at a place that charges $30 a pot for mediocre melted cheese and Safeway quality white bread for dipping. Olivia made a point to ensure we knew how annoyed she was at our reasonable requests for more water in our table carafes and confirmation that certain items on the menu were gluten free. My mom and I never received our entrees so when Olivia finally returned to our table 10 minutes later I let her know that we were still waiting. Instead of apologizing she just walked away and later returned to slam our plates in front of us without a word. These types of incidents continued throughout the evening so when the time came to pay our bill, those at the table discussed not giving her a tip, something I've personally never even considered. My uncle who was at the farther end of the table and who did not see some of these exchanges first hand had paid the bill and tipped her without us knowing. My sister-in-law and I felt Olivia needed to know that gesture was undeserving so we simply said that to her in a calm but direct manner before we left. Instead of again taking the opportunity to apologize, she said in front of others, "You two are the rudest customers I have ever had, get out of my restaurant!" while pointing to the door. Shocking, shocking behavior by anyone let alone someone in her position. We then turned to Franco, the Owner, to express our outrage at the way we had been treated and he had little sympathy as well. He simply explained that what happened was in the past and he could not change it. Obviously this man has no comprehension of what customer service is either. I beg you not to consider dining at this horrible establishment. There are hundreds of restaurants in Breckenridge so much more deserving of your hard earned money. If you by a stroke of poor fortune find yourself seated at Swiss Haven and see Olivia coming your way, just leave and know that by her presence alone the Owner clearly doesn't value your business either.

Thursday 01/27/2011
| Stars

It was on but!!! One of the waiters was nasty with me and my family I forgot his name but he was short I think his name was David or I don't know but he was horrible but at the end of the food the guy who pick my plates was VERY nice he refer to me as sir and my wife as ma'm I like that kid Joshua I think his name was but very nice kid only 18 and being that polite for me is to fire David or what ever his name is an trained Joshua as a waiter because kids like that don't come very easy. Ok now to get started on David he was not with us the hole time it was not very busy so he can't put that as an excuse he didn't explain the menu very well we have to ask Joshua and he wasted his time going back yo the kitchen and ask the chef or who ever he asked because David was not around so for the waiter I give him a ZERO and the buzzer a TEN

Tuesday 08/24/2010
| Stars

I came here with my wife and had a great evening the staff was very helpful and the food was amazing. I will certainly visit again.

Saturday 06/12/2010
| Stars

i was there for my birthday,with was the perfect night,great food,service perfect...just what you need for a wonderfull evening..i can t wait to go for lunch on the deck....

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