Dredge, The
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401 S. Main St.
Breckenridge, CO 80424
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Cuisine: American
Price: $20 - $40
Location: Historic District


Dredge, The - Breckenridge

The Dredge Restaurant & Bar is truly a piece of Breckenridge history. It is a two million pound floating restaurant, in the middle of the Blue River, just off Main Street! Serving steaks, seafood, pasta, and American specialties, The Dredge has something for everyone. A full bar and kids menu is also available.

From the early 1900`s up to 1942, there were a total of nine dredges operating in Summit County. Once there was a railroad, there was capability to build these huge dredges. The boilers alone, weighed over eleven tons and were shipped from the east coast, while the timber came from Oregon.

This two million pound floating restaurant is a replica is one of the largest and longest operating dredges in Breckenridge. It was the last dredge operating and stopped forever in this pond in 1942. Its remains are entombed in the silt below us right now. In 1933, starting near Watson Avenue, The Dredge slowly moved through Breckenridge, operating continuously night and day until the end of 1935. Without profits to keep it alive, The Dredge lay idle.

With no maintenance and care, it sank in November of 1937. In 1939 The Dredge was again resurrected by the lure of gold and eastern financiers and was renamed Blue River No.1. It began churning from its sunken location near Washington Avenue and it landed in its final location-here! Later, it was partially dismantled with the last of its remains sinking in 1966.

Open for dinner every day from 4pm close.

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Tuesday 09/08/2015
| Stars

Service was the worst I have experience. I had to ask 3 times to have our table cleaned in the bar . We were told there would be a 30 minute wait to be seated. An hour later I asked the hostess to see the manager and she stated that she was the owner. I asked her for hers name and a comment card , she refused both, we left and will never return.

Sunday 07/21/2013
| Stars

The waitress messed up our drink order, my steak was severely undercooked & they "forgot" to cook my wife's food. All this happened without so much as an apology or an offer to fix things. I went there with another family who was white, the waitress was courteous with them and when dealing with my family(who are black) she was borderline rude. I asked to speak with the manager and they refused to bring him out. This was by far the worst experience I had in Breckinridge and I would avoid this place at all costs. When I pay $150 for a meal, I expect better service. I understand that mistakes happen, but when they do, own up to them & absolutely you shouldn't be rude to my wife.

Wednesday 01/21/2009
| Stars

I have never had such an awful experience at a restaurant. We went to The Gold Dredge for a friend's after-wedding dinner. They had put together a limited menu for us which included a salad. When the server was told that there were to be seperate checks (which the bride had explained at the time of booking), she informed us that the salad would no longer be included. We then asked if that meant that we could order off of the original menu. She said "no" and we ended up speaking to the manager Steven. After a bit of debating with the manager, he finally agreed that we could order off of the original menu. The food came out over-cooked (burnt) and awful. The food was not fresh at all. The meat, veggies, even soup were poor in quality and "over-ripe" Everything was very salty too. The waitress did not know what scotches they carried and when she came back from checking, of what she listed off many were bourbons. She then forgot to get them altogether after they were ordered. The cleanliness was appalling. One of the kids in our party had cheese in his coke, my water glass had a huge crack running through it and another woman's had writing all over it. Her glass had "bisq" written in permanent marker which led us to believe that it was not supposed to be a drinking glass. The silverware still had food on it too. The last straw came with the bill. The menu said that it would add 18% gratuity on to all large parties. Pretty standard. Our checks, however, had 20% gratuity added on. The bride and groom even had an extra glass of wine added on to their tab. The manager never reappeared when he heard that we had problems. They never even acknowledged our friends' wedding. We left utterly amazed that an experience could be so very bad. After spending over $100, we went back home and ordered pizza.

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