La Francaise French Bakery
4 Star Rating  |  12 Reviews

411 S. Main St.
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Cuisine: Deli / Cafe
Price: $5 - $15
Location: Historic District

Quick and Casual

La Francaise French Bakery - Breckenridge

La Francaise French Bakery serves fresh breads, pastries, quiches, sandwiches, paninis, crepes, plus a wide variety of sweet and savory specialties. Everything at La Francaise is made fresh daily, and served all day long. They also serve superb European espresso drinks using Lavazza coffee. Catering, cakes, and take out are available.
La Francaise is open daily from 8am 8pm
La Francaise French Bakery - Reviews

La Francaise French Bakery Breckenridge Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 4     |     12 User Reviews

Saturday 04/27/2013
| Stars

I ordered a loaf of Brioche.....they charged me $25 for the loaf. Yes $25 for one loaf. Should have asked how much before I ordered it. Next time I will purchase from Whole Foods .

Wednesday 01/30/2013
| Stars

we stopped for a bite during a ski trip after Christmas.We loved it from the hot milk chocolate to the sandwiches.We left we 2 take out bags for the evening at the condo.It is in my opinion one the best french bakery I ever went to.This place reminded me another French bakery I went to Key West in Florida.Good job guys,We will be back next year during our next ski trip

Sunday 03/18/2012
| Stars

I love this bakery! My family and I always go to this bakery when we are going home. In fact, we are there so often my dad is now friends with the owners, Natalie and Olivier! I personally think that this store is the best bakery in the world!

Monday 03/05/2012
| Stars

we had to ask at the hard rock where they got their croissants ,we love them,do you send anywhere in pensacola florida? the best.

Sunday 09/25/2011
| Stars

I had a chocolate almond croissant reminiscent of those I had in Paris. Simply delicious! I would like to learn to make these delightful pastries.

Monday 08/08/2011
| Stars

We ate lunch at this wonderful restaurant in Breckenridge - sat out back on the patio and watched the river go by. Great setting, great food, great service and friendly staff. You should definitely try it.

Tuesday 06/28/2011
| Stars

Wow, it was wonderful here, we loved the fod, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, it really felt like you were in France

Saturday 03/19/2011
| Stars

It was recommended by a friend so we was excited to try this place but what a disappointment especially with the services. They totally messed-up our order and blame us that we ordered too many similar things. The food totally overpriced and average (not anything that you can't get from a local food market).

Friday 07/23/2010
| Stars

On my first trip to Breckenridge this summer, I happened upon this wonderful family owned bakery which became a regular stop for us every afternoon. I met the owners, service was wonderful, and the pastries kept us coming back. The food is always fresh and made to order. The menu is reminiscent of my days in France! Wonderful!!

Tuesday 04/20/2010
| Stars

We found this GEM on our last trip to Breckenridge. It was tres magnifique! The hot chocolate with chantilly cream was the best I have ever had!! Even the waitress had a French accent-that coupled with the French music playing, was an absolute French experience!! Can't wait to go back!!

Thursday 10/08/2009
| Stars

Great food but totally overpriced. Also wastes a lot of plastic ware, we ate in and were not served with real plates or silverware

Tuesday 03/03/2009
| Stars

Very nice place and friendly. Glad they have a new chef.

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