South Ridge Seafood Grill
4.1 Star Rating  |  8 Reviews

215 S. Ridge St.
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Cuisine: Seafood
Price: $10 - $25
Location: Historic District

Happy Hour Specials

South Ridge Seafood Grill - Breckenridge

Located away from the bustle of Main Street, South Ridge Seafood Grill is the place to taste the freshest seafood you can find in the mountains. South Ridge Seafood features a Raw Bar Happy Hour every day from 4-6pm, which is definitely a favorite of Breckenridge locals.

South Ridge Seafood Grill is open daily for dinner from 5pm 10pm, with Happy Hour from 4-6pm. Reservations are accepted.

South Ridge Seafood Grill - Reviews

South Ridge Seafood Grill Breckenridge Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 4.1     |     8 User Reviews

Saturday 03/08/2014
| Stars

Terrible service, bad management, subpar food, outrageous prices. Be prepared for bad attitudes. I don't know what it is about the slacker Breckenridge locals that makes them think they can treat the customers that pay for their lifestyle so poorly. Go somewhere else for better service and attitude.

Sunday 11/04/2012
| Stars

South Ridge Seafood is by far one of the best restaurants in Breck. The menu has unique combinations of food, but everything is amazing. As a frequent patron, I am always hearing people say their dinner was "the best thing they have ever eaten." In regards to the review over a bad mussels linguini, the servers would never respond to a customer complaint in that way and would offer the customer a different entree, more satisfying, with no extra charge. I have not one negative thing to say about this place. Perhaps the next time someone gives a bad anonymous review about an entree, they can spell it correctly too (muscle linguini?).

Monday 07/02/2012
| Stars

I had the steamed muscle linguini. It was flavor less and several of the muscles were bad (unopened). After complaining to the waitress my meal was taken from me and then I was told that it was too bad, because I had eaten a few of the muscles before discovering everything I mentioned above. After a couple of back and fourths with the waitress I finally became too irritated to argue with the waitress. I asked to speak to the manager waited 20 minutes and he /she never came. I will never eat at this restaurant again or any other restaurant that is owned by this place. The food is overpriced and disgusting.

Monday 10/10/2011
| Stars

By far one of the best resturants in Breckenridge. Every time we eat here the food is amazing and everything is cooked to absolute perfection! And the clam chowder is to die for. definetly worth every penny.

Friday 12/03/2010
| Stars

Been here one time to meet up with a friend from high school and loved it. had a great porkbelly dish and lots of wine. atmosphere is really cozy but not uber-casual. the menu is definitely refined and thoughtful; the chef clearly has passion for his/her food. great service and bar area, too!

Thursday 11/18/2010
| Stars

As a Server and Bartender for many years, I'd have to say I had the most fun working environment here. The food was exceptional and the guests loved it. Missing Breck, Paul, Pete, Daryll and "The Seafood Grille" Best of luck this season!!!

Tuesday 06/29/2010
| Stars

I have been going to Breck since I can remember and have been going to South Ridge Seafood for the last 6 years in a row. Love this place. Is a little loud and crowded but the food is the best for the right price. BEST IN BRECK. Gerard

Wednesday 12/03/2008
| Stars

I've been here twice and both time were fantastic. I had a really great beet and goat cheese salad to start and the Mahi dinner, and was very happy. Highly recommended!

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