Mountain Flying Fish
4 Star Rating  |  4 Reviews

500 S. Main St.
Breckenridge, CO 80424
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Cuisine: Asian / Sushi
Price: $10 - $20
Location: Historic District

Sushi Bar
Local Favorite

Mountain Flying Fish - Breckenridge

Mountain Flying Fish is Breckenridge’s newest sushi restaurant, and it has already earned a great reputation among locals and visitors alike. Chef and owner Tetsuo Shimoda brings his experiences in New York and Japan to Breckenridge, creating some of the best raw dishes in town. Located on the top floor of the La Cima Mall on South Main Street, Mountain Flying Fish has incredible views that match the incredible sushi. Come early, because the dining room fills up quickly at this popular night spot.

Mountain Flying Fish - Reviews

Mountain Flying Fish Breckenridge Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 4     |     4 User Reviews

Thursday 07/05/2012
| Stars

When I entered the restaurant there were not more than ten people in there. I sat at the sushi bar and I ordered my food, pretty straightforward rolls. I waited and waited and waited and after 45 minutes I got my spicy tuna roll...and then I had to wait another 15 minutes for my next roll while all others around me were getting their food. I refused to eat and left the place hungry. The irony is that while sitting at the sushi bar I noticed it takes less. Than 2 minutes for these chefs to crank out rolls. Very disappointed and won't come back here, the service was pathetic.

Monday 06/06/2011
| Stars

Great sushi rolls, the Dragon special was very colorful and delicious. Tuna was a deep fresh color and just perfect!

Wednesday 03/02/2011
| Stars

By far, the BEST sushi in the area... maybe even Colorado. Not only is the food amazing, but the service is always great!

Sunday 12/19/2010
| Stars

I would say not to go anywhere else, because you'll find out there's better and be disappointed. For us, there is no better sushi in Breckenridge. We could eat there every night if we could afford it, but the way we eat sushi it would be the cost of a house payment for most. We have tried the others and never turned back once we found Tet and Toshimi at Mountain Flying Fish. Their sushi is superior to all other restaurants within 100 mile radius. Don't take my word for it, read all of their 5-star reviews for yourself. Just avoid the other restaurants where locals try to beef it up, unless you like cafeteria style and inferior sushi. Mountain Flying Fish is the top Japanese sushi restaurant in the area and if you like sushi, then they will soon become your new favorite. Get there early. They open at 5:00 and are packed by 6:00 - unless you don't mind waiting for the best food in town.

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