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Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

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Jake's Dive Bar Reviews
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Average Rating: 2.1
Tuesday 09/13/2016
Prior Ski Instructor in Breck | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

WARNING WARNING - STAY AWAY FROM THIS BAR. Owner is an alcoholic, likes to bully 21 year olds and he is 45. Uses profanity every chance he gets especially when customers are singing karaoke he interjects foul language during the music portions when the customer is not singing. There is a petition going around in town to shut them down - DON"T GO THERE - Spend your money at the Gold Pan, Copper Top, The Motherload, or any of the other bars, but not here. There should be a ZERO rating! The 1 star in my book means: 1= 1 terrible Bar!

Thursday 09/18/2014
JJ | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

The owner is a racist human. He doesn't deserve to be in business at all. As others have mentioned he should get zero stars here. Spend your money elsewhere. He can make the pitch about how they donate the money on the walls to the Wounded Warrior project, but you would be better off giving it yourself. He will discriminate against you for anything that doesn't fall into his narrow minded point of view, and that includes white people, as he's half Mexican by his claims. The sooner he is run out of town the better off the town will be. I wouldn't be surprised to learn if not all of the money goes to the Wounded Warrior project.

Monday 10/21/2013
nancy orozco | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

best place to get drunk...bartenders can get you anything you want wink wink nudge nudge

Wednesday 03/27/2013
Thomas Myers | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

The half owner Mexican bartender threatened to fight me several times just for smiling. He also wouldn't stop calling the only black girl in the bar the n-word. Terrible vibes. Don't go in if the Mexican bartender is there unless you're looking for a fight.

Monday 02/27/2012
WTF | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

The bartender is a POS. He called the only girl in there a 'b*tch' for no reason. Then tried to fight the guy that told him to knock it off. he even came out from behind the bar. and he smelt like piss. how does he have a job?

Monday 01/23/2012
KC | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

Will never go back. Wish I read the reviews before I went. Didn't honor Happy Hour prices even though we were there at the advertised time. When we mentioned it, the bartender said the owner never tells him anything and couldn't change the price. I agree with most others....can't trust them...skip it!!!!

Friday 10/21/2011
SkiChicken | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

Jack's Dive bar lives up to it's name. As with any Dive bar, it will either be one of the wildest nights of your life, or nothing. I guess it all depends on what you bring in with you! Also be sure to visit The Ember when you are in the area!

Monday 09/19/2011
Rueban | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

If I could give zero stars, I would. By far the worst place in Breckenridge. The place is gross and the owner/bartender is a complete jerk that doesn't treat his customers well. There are such great places to spend your money in Breck, so don't waste you time... I'm saying this as a local too.

Saturday 09/18/2010
Anonymous | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

this place is a joke...the bartender was drunk on the job,threatening customers,insulting them,...misplacing credit cards...and on top of that the drink selection is not all that big...i recommend skipping this place while up in breck..all in all one of the most unimpressive bars ive ever been to

Tuesday 06/02/2009
not submitted | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

Id give this place zero stars if I had the option. The bartenders were jerks the owner was wasted and probably high, and everytime i ordered a drink they would card'd think 3 times would be enough. There are way cooler bars to go to.

Friday 02/06/2009
Glen | Jake's Dive Bar Reviews

You couldn't pay someone to bring you to an experience like this. Different nights are different experiences, but the first night we arrived in Breckenridge we hung out at Jake's Dive. The people there were having such a blast that we caught the fever!! It really stood out. The music was loud and the Norwegian dancer was captivating. We all bought Jake's Dive t-shirts to bring home as souveniers.

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