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If you are a restaurant manager looking to increase your exposure on Ski Town Restaurants, or a business owner looking to reach thousands of customers in Park City, we can help.

Media Kit

View our current media kit online: 2013 Media Kit

Local Advertising

Ski Town Restaurants offers advertising opportunities for local businesses and restaurants looking to double their presence in the Park City dining guide. We have several different packages available to help increase your exposure, including ads at the bottom of our pages and strategic ad placement throughout the guide. These ads will be seen by thousands of people that are already interested in Park City and looking for local information. We have many packages available including custom coupons, banner ads, and special event promotions.

Excellent Value

Compared to many print forms of advertising, an ad on Ski Town Restaurants is truly a great deal. Because we do not have to contend with the high overhead cost of printing our dining guide, we can offer advertising at incredible rates. Unlike print advertising that offers no flexibility to change the ad once it is printed, we can alter your ad at any time to change the promotion or graphics. In addition, your ad can be tracked to monitor its effectiveness. Advertising packages are available in one month increments, with discounts for purchasing additional months in advance. Use the Contact Us link to receive our complete advertising information package.

A Useful Online Presence

People turn to the internet as their first choice when looking for concise, up to date information to help them make an informed dining decision. Print magazines and guides can be out of date and do not provide the wealth of information that can be found online. However, it can be a daunting task to sift through hundreds of restaurant websites to find what you are looking for. Ski Town Restaurants organizes and presents restaurant information in a manner that allows diners to find what they are searching for, in mere seconds. This ensures users will turn to Ski Town Restaurants again and again, as their first choice for local Park City information.


Our goal at Ski Town Restaurants is to get your advertising in front of as many diners as possible. We are undertaking our own advertising campaign that includes search engine optimization and targeted local marketing through hotels, property managers, travel agents, and concierge services. Almost everyone that visits Park City travels with a laptop or smart phone that they will turn to for dining information during their stay, and we are the only local, interactive online dining guide.

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