O'Shucks Park City
2.6 Star Rating  |  12 Reviews

427 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060
Cuisine: Bars and Nightlife
Price: $5 - $10
Location: Main Street

Local Favorite
Late Night

O'Shucks - Park City

O’Shucks is a favorite bar for Park City locals because of its rowdy, cramped atmosphere and huge schooners of cold beer. You won’t find any live music or events at O’Shucks, just tons of people, loud music from the bartender’s iPod, cheap drinks, and peanuts you can throw on the floor. Pub food is also available with chicken wings and burgers highlighting the menu. The staff is high-energy, and on some nights they will all be in costume with appropriately themed music.

Check out O’Shucks if you are looking for the dirtiest, loudest, craziest bar in town.

O'Shucks - Reviews

O'Shucks Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.6     |     12 User Reviews

Wednesday 01/07/2015
| Stars

Perfect....a ski town bar that rocks....beers the size of fishbowls, free peanuts, and filled with real skiers. The friendliest place in town.....bartenders very helpful....they even made us reservations at a steakhouse down the street....after dinner we came back and closed the place. Best stop in Park City!

Wednesday 07/31/2013
| Stars

The wait staff doesn't care about their customers because they're doing that old trick of give a local "free" beer so the yokel leaves them a big tip and everybody else gets bad service. Trashy Scam

Friday 07/19/2013
| Stars

Very cool ski town bar....legendary garlic burger.....free peanuts......locals favorite since 1994......

Thursday 07/18/2013
| Stars

The bar food is typical bar food combined with shitty service. Not worth going. I have tried this place a half dozen times, surely I would have learned by now

Tuesday 08/07/2012
| Stars

We went to OShucks at quarry village tonight as we frequently do and it was the worst service I can remember having. It took 1.5 hours to get hamburgers. One person ordered chick wings and they were cold. To add to the insult they put on an 18% tip. I do not mind an 18% tip for reasonable service but not for this! We will not be going back anytime soon.

Sunday 07/01/2012
| Stars

This place is so trashy, besides the place being filthy and over priced for such a s**t hole the staff is with out a doubt the most repulsive people I've ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. Pretty sure the staff is on steriods....agian this place is trashy

Monday 03/19/2012
| Stars

A real ski town bar for real skiers....always packed, and filled with locals.....free peanuts, awesome tunes, and the Best Hamburger West of the Mississippi.......no velvet ropes, no posers.....just skiers and cold beer and lots of peanuts....very cool

Sunday 03/18/2012
| Stars

Absolutely trashiest place in Utah. Employees are scummy, place is disgusting and it smell like vomit. Avoid at all cost. All tourists beware of this sh** hole.

Sunday 03/18/2012
| Stars

Not very good. Would not go here again. Staff are disgusting. Place is nasty.

Saturday 10/22/2011
| Stars

I spent last winter in Park City. O'Shucks is busy on Tuesday's and on the weekends. DON"T EAT HERE. This place is crawling with cockroaches!

Friday 12/17/2010
| Stars

No more smoking, but warm bench outside for those that need one. I have been several times over the past week. Cheap drinks, great staff - true dive bar.

Tuesday 12/16/2008
| Stars

Every town needs a good dive bar with cheap drinks and beer. The penuts are a plus. One of the last bar's in Utah where you can still smoke inside. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your position on smoking.

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