Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill
2.8 Star Rating  |  6 Reviews

710 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060
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Cuisine: Asian / Sushi
Price: $20 - $40
Location: Main Street

Sushi Bar

Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill - Park City

Oishi serves only the freshest sushi, sashimi, traditional and specialty rolls. For non sushi lovers, fusion style grilled appetizers & entrees are available. Imported Beer, Wine, and Sake are also available. Oishi's top priority is customer satisfaction, and chef Eddie will ensure you have a memorable visit.
Located at the Marriott Summit Watch Hotel Plaza on lower Main Street. Due to the limited seating, credit card information will be taken to hold your reservation.
Open nightly from 5pm to close.
Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill - Reviews

Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.8     |     6 User Reviews

Friday 12/06/2013
| Stars

Best sushi in Park City! Love the half price sushi in the summer/fall.

Sunday 12/18/2011
| Stars

Well, while we (3 adults) were waiting for our dishes, we were kind of forced (the waiters recommended us numerous times) to order 3 cups of green tea and 3 bowls of miso soup. Later on, we found out a cup of green tea was $4 and a bowl of miso soup was $4 also. We were charged for $24 even before we started our meal...! Everything in this world should have a right price, and a cup of green tea (instant green tea) or a bowl of instant miso soup SHOULDN'T cost $4!!! Ridiculously expensive...!

Thursday 08/26/2010
| Stars

This is hands-down my favorite place for sushi in Park City. The dining room is small, but the service is very attentive because of it. Check out their summer deals where every roll is 1/2 price! You can't beat that anywhere else in town. I always get the Agadashi Tofu - great way to start your meal.

Tuesday 07/07/2009
| Stars

The sashimi i ordered smelled funny so i asked the sushi chef to double check it and he did. From 11pm until 9pm the next evening I was bed ridden with terrible stomach pains. Not sure if it was the sashimi, but i know i didnt eat anything else that night. So you do the math. Sorry Oishi, but a business selling a bad product doesnt belong in business.

Tuesday 06/23/2009
| Stars

Ordered Sush to-go. 30 bucks for three basic rolls. Each roll only had 6 pieces. Just not worth the money whatsoever. ...also gave me a regular tuna roll vs the spicey tuna roll I ordered. Disappointing and over priced.

Wednesday 07/23/2008
| Stars

The sushi was delicious and they have the best deal in town! Every sushi roll is half price! I recommend the playboy roll, the vegas roll, and the eel roll. All very good.

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