Famous Spring Chicken Inn
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120 E Wanship Rd
Wanship, UT 84017
Cuisine: American - Casual
Price: $10 - $20
Location: Surrounding Areas


Famous Spring Chicken Inn - Wanship

Editor's Note: The Famous Spring Chicken Inn is CLOSED for business until further notice.

The Famous Spring Chicken Inn is one of the oldest, family-run restaurants in the Park City area. Located in Wanship, just a short drive up Interstate 80 from Park City, the Famous Spring Chicken Inn has been serving homemade fried chicken and comfort food since 1930.
A far cry from the crowded, modern restaurant scene found on Main Street, the Famous Spring Chicken Inn brings you back in time with a cozy, historic atmosphere, good food, and friendly service. In recent years, the new owners added beer and wine to the menu; a great addition to the perfect fried chicken dinner. They also serve an incredible Prime Rib dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, plus live music starting at 6pm!
The Famous Spring Chicken Inn is located in Wanship, at exit 155 off Interstate 80. To get there from Park City, get on I-80 at Kimball Junction and head east for about 10 minutes. Once off the freeway at exit 155, take a left, go under I-80 and remain on that road (SR-32) for less than a mile. The road will bend to the right, and the Famous Spring Chicken Inn will be on your right just after the bend.

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The Famous Spring Chicken Inn was started in the year 1930 by Keith and Thelma Siddoway in a garage one half mile east of where the inn is now located. To the best of our knowledge, it had a small counter with three bar stools & two booths. It was on what was known then as old Lincoln highway. Later, the highway was moved to where it now exists.
Before long, the business had outgrown the building. Grant Judd moved that building to Judd Lane. Rounding up all the local men available, the present building was constructed using river gravel mixed with concrete. For many years all the chickens were raised locally and were dressed out by Keith and hired help.
For 27 years Keith owned the inn. It was sold to Sherdon and Gwen Woolstenhulme (they bought it in 1956), and for 8 years all the chicken was fried in 10 inch frying pans. The Woolstenhulme family owned the inn for over 50 years, until it was finally sold in 2006.
The year Interstate 80 was constructed, a new dining area was added and the building took its present form. After many remodels and upgrades, the Famous Spring Chicken Inn is now known from coast to coast by many loyal customers.

Editor's Note: The Famous Spring Chicken Inn is CLOSED for business until further notice.
Famous Spring Chicken Inn - Reviews

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Saturday 07/02/2016
| Stars

When I was just a kid, the Spring Chicken in was a destination place to eat. Something special for special events. Our last time there was a nightmare. Food barely cooked, High prices, poor service. We agreed we'd never be back. It's a shame to see a good restaurant killed by a new owner that knew nothing about running a restaurant. I'm sorry it ended that way. I'm sorry it's gone, but not surprised.

Tuesday 10/16/2012
| Stars

Our Family had been going to the Spring Chicken Inn for about 20 years for Mother's Day as they were not overly crowded and we could take a country walk afterwards. The chicken was good the breakfasts were good, it was a family atmosphere. Then the management changed and how!!!! We arrived the first of 2 cars full a few minutes before opening time and so I walked to the door to see when they opened, pretty soon the waitress came to open the door and we wished her a good morning and told her we would be a large group and asked for the long table, she told us that this table was reserved but we could have a booth, we told her a booth wouldn't be large enough for our party so she said we could have the booth and the booth next to it. The point of getting together as a family (since there are different 5 households meeting) is to sit together and catch up, not to have our backs to each other and break off into groups. The waitress insisted we sit in the booth when I asked her if we could put some tables togther (leaving plenty of room for people and wait staff to get around she was rude and said no. We ordered our drinks and when she went into the kitchen she yelled (no exageration)to the cook (I'm assuming) "I am not changing my whole Fucking Day to accomidate those people" said verbatim, I swear. So when she came out oto deliver our drinks I said loudly "Maybe she doesn't need her F#$*ing tip either"." Some family members couldn't come so when the second car arrived we managed to stuff 7 adults in a small booth and had a hard time fitting food and drinks on the table. Just writing this now I think what a diservice the waitress did to herself as by the time the food came we were not the only people in the restaurant they were filling up quickly and she had to spend extra time rearanging things on the table. Also I noticed a father and daughter in a close booth order and they had to ask for silverware and she took their order and the dad had to call her back to their table as she did not take their drink order. But let me back up when the waitress first opened the door at about 11:00 a.m (or was it 10:00-keep in mind has been 2 years) she reaked of alcohol. Kind of early in the morning to be taking a bit of the hair of the dog when you are supposed to be at work, right? We all agreed that it was a very unpleasant experience and not to return thus breaking a 20 or so year tradition. We read other reviews and apparently we were lucky, as another older man was shoved by the cook. Substance abuse and misuse is not a funny subject. My advise to this waitress is that there are all kinds of meetings for Alcoholics annonymous or Narcotics Anon, whichever applies. I feel sorry for the owner as I heard he bought the place and put these people in charge of running it, they likely were sweet as pie to him and garnered his trust but they ran this business into the ground, their reputation was so damaged they have to move hours away where people have likely not heard of them to reopen, better luck in Ogden and replace the old staff, even if they are related to you otherwise expect more of the same. EEK!!! Disaster Mother's Day!!!!

Tuesday 09/04/2012
| Stars

I can only go by what people have told me over the years, that I needed to eat at the Spring Chicken Inn. Yesterday, Labor Day, my wife and I drove to Wanship and we were sad to see that the restaurant had closed.

Saturday 06/09/2012
| Stars

Due to circumstances beyond our control during the the renovation process, the plans of reopening the Spring Chicken Inn in Wanship have changed. A deal is currently in the works to relocate the business to Ogden. Find us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest information regarding our Grand Opening.

Sunday 02/19/2012
| Stars

Famous hometown service and food, will soon be returning. Opening in the near future, date to be announced. New management/ownership, but same old fashioned food and service.

Wednesday 11/17/2010
| Stars

Sad to see it close. I have been going there since I was a child as my family has at least back to my Great Grandparents with whom I went several times. They always made our food to order, so it was a bit of a social event as you waited for your food, but having eaten fried chicken all over the country it was hands down, the best! I hope it re-opens and provides us once again with the best fried chicken anywhere. P.S. for you who complain about the prime rib, who goes to the Spring Chicken Inn and orders beef?

Friday 10/01/2010
| Stars

I was there 9-31-2010 and the place is closed tight. It looks like it has been abandonded judging from the weeds and condition of the place, broken glass in door etc. Too bad the long history is at an end even with the problems it had in serving people effeciently.

Sunday 05/23/2010
| Stars

The chicken was good, but not as good as it was on our last visit, last year. The waitresses were nice, but we waited an hour for our food. This is way to long to have to wait, especially when the restaurant only had maybe 4 customers being served and none when we arrived.

Thursday 03/25/2010
| Stars

Warning prime rib is a sham and is only ribeye. Speaking from experience when i was cooking it. On a personal note the owner doesn't know how to run a business and needs to go back to Canada..

Sunday 11/01/2009
| Stars

The best chicken fried chicken I have ever had.

Saturday 05/23/2009
| Stars

The food is incredible...the best fried chicken anywhere! Definitely worth the (short) drive from Park City. You get a great meal, great service, for a great price.

Tuesday 04/28/2009
| Stars

I Love this Place. My Husband and I have been going for 12 yrs, and he was going long before that...It is great...go in the day, it is quiet....

Wednesday 04/08/2009
| Stars

Mediocre food, I felt I did not get my money's worth. Servers were nice though. The band was way too loud. Took too long to get food.

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