Reef's Kitchen
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710 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060
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Cuisine: Indian / Middle Eastern
Price: $20 - $40
Location: Main Street

Vegetarian Friendly

Reef's Kitchen - Park City

Reef's Kitchen is a family-owned Park City favorite in its new location on lower Main Street. Serving Middle-Eastern cuisine, the experience at Reef's is unlike anything else you will find in Park City. The restaurant is small and you will get to know your hosts immediately. They will ensure your evening is a memorable one.
The atmosphere at Reef's is dark and cozy with original artwork and Middle Eastern music. The first thing you will notice are the aromas from the kitchen, tempting you to get things started right away with some appetizers. Check out their appetizer sampler for the best they have to offer with hummus, eggplant, babaghanouj, falafel and more.
Reef's Kitchen features a number of tantalizing entrees like Moroccan Salmon, Jerusalem Shish Kebab, Lamb Chops, and the Filet Mignon du Jour. They also feature an excellent selection of salads and house made soups that change daily. The portions at Reef's tend to run on the small side, so consult with your server regarding the right amount of food for your group.
Reef's Kitchen is located on lower Main Street in the Marriott Summit Watch. They are open Tuesday - Saturday from 5:30pm - Close. Please call ahead for reservations.
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Wednesday 02/19/2014
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I'd like to start this review by stating that I am a local to Park City - not to say that if you're not a local it's okay to be treated the way my friends and I were treated - but you'd think the staff at Reef's would at least be nice to the people who live in their community and support their restaurant year-round. That said, I wouldn't step foot in this restaurant again if it was the last place on Earth to eat. I would honestly rather starve. I'd give it ZERO stars if I could. Admittedly, it was Sundance when this incident occurred, but we made reservations - days in advance. So my friend and I show up to Reef's a few minutes before our reservation and the older man who was running the hostess stand (I later found out he was the owner) was rude and told us the "go away" until our reservation time. My friend and I were confused because our reservation was, literally, 3 minutes out - our reservation was for 7:30 and it was 7:27 and he told us to "go away" and wait outside. In the cold. Because his restaurant was so out-of-control with people. So, we waited. 3 minutes. And went back in. Then the rude owner told us that our table wasn't ready and the people who were sitting at it were not ready to leave yet. WHAT?!? He couldn't have told us that 3 minutes ago? When I worked in food service and a table-full of people were seated at a table which I knew had reservations, I would tell them that they had a hour - or whatever - to finish their meals. So, the old, rude owner didn't honor our reservation. It didn't make us less hungry. When we complained, he gruffly told us we could sit on this wooden plank he called a bar. He handed us menus and then told us we could figure out what we wanted, but we weren't allowed to eat at this "bar." Who's ever heard of a restaurant that has a bar you can't eat at? So my friend and I look over at the "bar" in front of the kitchen (Reef has an open kitchen concept, which I think is gross - but to each their own) and there is a man sitting and eating at the "bar" in front of the kitchen. We flagged down a waiter and asked if we could sit there and eat since that other man was. He wasn't sure, but let us sit there anyway. He gave up silverware set ups and we began browsing the menu. I'm nothing if not easy-going. (I DIGRESS: Old Rude Guy, you won't honor my reservation? That's cool. I'll be a trooper and sit here. It's not ideal, but, hey, I have a hankering for some falafel!) So we're sitting there talking about our experience, and my friend is a fiery Latina with a loud voice (and she was trying to talk over the absolute, unbridled pandemonium in the restaurant) and asks me, "What the heII was that guy's problem? What a rude jerk!" Before I can even say a word, the cook turns around and unleashes a litany of profanity on us that left both our mouths agape. It was f-bomb this and f-bomb that and f-you. About this time, the old, rude owner sees our silverware and comes and takes it from us and begins scolding us like children for sitting there with silverware. We tried to tell him that someone else had been sitting and eating in our seats before us and a server had given us the silverware. The scolding continued. So, we're sitting there - totally dumbfounded -trying to figure out what just happened to us and then the cook starts in on us again! I finally look at him and say, "You know you should really be nice to people who come here to visit. I'm actually a local, but Sundance is once a year and our town needs the business to support it the rest of the year." - VERBATIM my mouth to God's ears. The cooks lays in on me about how this is his father's restaurant (tumblers falling into place) and if I didn't shut my "f-ing mouth" he was going to physically throw me out. Incredulous, I looked at him and said, "What? Are you insane?" He says, "No, I'm in the best mood of my life." At this point, I thought things were lightening up, so I kind of laughed and said, "Wow- then remind me never to come back when you're in a bad mood!" Then I laughed again. At this point, he starts screaming at me, "Get the F-ck out of here! Get the f-ck out! I am calling the police! Get out!" Mouths agape, my friend and I looked at each other trying to ascertain if this was a joke. So, she said "Are you joking?" He screams back, "No, I'm dead f-ing serious you dumb bit@ch. Get the f-ck out of here!" At this point, despite being hungry and in need of a glass of wine, I decided that we weren't going to take any more verbal abuse from the owner or his crazy cook son. We got up to leave and the owner had the audacity to scold us for leaving. REALLY? We had just been scolded like children and verbally assaulted by a mentally unstable cook, and he thought we were going to stick around for that? Um, methinks not. I have been so angry, it has taken me a few weeks to write this review. I am a married, mother of three and I live in Park City. I deserved better treatment and more respect that Reef's was dishing up. Horrible! Never, EVER going back!

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