Edge Steakhouse
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3000 Canyons Resort Drive
Park City, UT 84098
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Cuisine: Steak and Seafood
Price: $40 - $60
Location: Canyons

Notable Wine List
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Edge Steakhouse, Park City

Edge Steakhouse - Park City

Edge Steakhouse at the Westgate Resort is a cutting-edge American steakhouse with a contemporary feel. The interior feels like Las Vegas meets a mountain lodge. Its upscale menu helps to make the Canyons even more of a high-end food destination in Park City.
The centerpieces of the Edge Steakhouse menu are Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef cuts, along with the Certified Prime Aged selections. Executive Chef Kyle Smith lets these steaks speak for themselves, but he has a number of unique sides and starters on the menu that make Edge Steakhouse unique. Be sure to check out the Duck Fat Fries, Lobster and Black Truffle Risotto, Quinoa, Seared Foie Gras, or the Steak Sashimi. The menu also features cheese & charcuterie plates, seafood on ice, and a number of seafood and land entrees.
Edge Steakhouse boasts one of the most comprehensive wine lists in Park City, and they have a Sommelier on staff to guide you in your selections.
Edge Steakhouse is open for dinner every day from 5pm-10pm. Reservations can be made online using the Open Table link on this page.
Parking is available in the lot behind the Westgate Resort building.
Edge Steakhouse - Reviews

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Tuesday 02/17/2015
| Stars

This was the worst experience that I had ever had here in UTAH. I was so surprised by the lack of professional from a 5 star restaurant. I was early for my reservation and was hoping to be seated as soon as a table came available. Well a guest of another race came in after me and was a little late and the hostess informed them that it would be a few minutes and the customer went outside and the hostess went outside to seat them. Well when it came to me and my husband we was still waiting even after the reservation time had passed. The experience from the beginning was less than poor to say the least. The restaurant seated us at a small table adjacent to a stone wall. Which by the way was not eye candy. We had no room to move. A water person bumped into my husband with no apology. This restaurant staff sat me and my husband at a dirty table with dirty menus. When a water girl finally showed up it was after she had passed our table as I witnessed her and two other waitress was playing in her there hair. When asked if we could be moved. We were informed that the restaurant was booked and they would not be able to accommodate our request and when I looked around there was at least two table that were empty per the waiter. I decided that this was not going to be the five star experience that I was expecting to have. As I left and my husband was on his way out of the restaurant the hostess stopped my husband and stated that they would try to find a seat. Then the manager meet him almost to the parking lot to inform him that they are trying to get a table ready. Now this absolutely contradicts themselves when we was informed earlier that they was booked and did not have any available tables. Even though it was been a half a century since the civil rights movement I thought that sitting at the back of a room or even in the alley was obsolete. However this experience reminded me that racism still exist even at a five star restaurant were your money obviously has a color. What an experience I will never forget. When a customer comes in 30 minutes early for a reservation and is waiting to be seated. You should seat them as soon as possible. Not allow a customer to come in after them that is extremely last for a reservation and chase them to seat them before a customer that has waited almost 30 minutes. Make sure your table is clean before seating a customer. Make sure you give clean menu's to a customer. Do not seat a customer on a brick wall. Remove that table and put a fire place there. It does your restaurant no justice on the idea of an experience of enjoyment. Your waiter showed over 20 minutes after we were seated. The water person passed our table to talk to other water person's. Then began to play in the hair of the other water person's. Then came to our table asking what kind of water do we want. When we asked for another table because we did not want to look at a brick wall. The waiter left for over 10 minutes, only to come back an say that they were booked for the evening and that they did not have any tables. Seeing that this was going to be a bad experience. We began to leave, at this point, the hostess watched my wife go out the door only to stop me and say that they could have a table available as soon as someone left. Then the manager came to me outside of the restaurant to say that they could seat us at another table when someone leaves. Why would I have to wait another 30 to 40 minutes, when I have been at the restaurant since 8:15 pm and now it is 9:20

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