Viking Dinner Yurt
3.8 Star Rating  |  4 Reviews

1400 Lowell Avenue
Park City, UT 84060
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Cuisine: European
Price: $100 - $180
Location: Park City Mountain Resort

Adventure Dining

Viking Dinner Yurt - Park City

New for this year: The Viking Yurt is now located at Park City Mountain Resort!
The Viking Yurt lets you dine in style at 8,000 feet at Park City Mountain Resort. This unique dining experience is unike anything else found in Park City. The Viking Yurt is an unforgettable and romantic evening spent high in the mountains with fantastic food and drink.
Your evening adventure starts with a spectacular moonlit sleigh ride with incredible views straight up the ski runs and over the mountain ridge top. Follow your guide as you schuss or glide through a pristine, winter wonderland. The terrain is gentle and the thrill of being the only ones on the top of the mountain at night in the deep pine forest is breath taking. Through the trees ahead, you see the warm glow of the Viking Dinner Yurt.
As you marvel at the beautiful setting, you'll hear the music from within the yurt and anticipate the gourmet five-course meal that awaits. Amid laughter and live piano music on our baby grand piano, your party gathers around the long wooden tables laden with glowing candles and pewter dinnerware.
Norwegian hospitality envelops you. Your senses have never felt so alive as you take in the delicious aromas, the candlelight, the sound of friends and family, the warmth of the fire and the taste of a robust, yet elegant Scandinavian meal.

When the meal is complete, you’ll head back down the mountain on the sleigh nestled under the heavy blankets gazing up at the snowcovered giant trees and stars to the base of Park City Mountain Resort.
This is an evening you will talk about for years. Treat your family, friends or traveling companions to an unforgettable evening, in the Viking Dinner Yurt.
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Viking Dinner Yurt - Reviews

Viking Dinner Yurt Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 3.8     |     4 User Reviews

Thursday 02/02/2012
| Stars

We went during Sundance 2012. What an exciting evening with outstanding food. Can't believe there is no running water up there and such a tiny yurt kitchen to make such elegant food. There is even a baby grand piano with beautiful lovely music for our small group of 40. The evening away from the crowds took 4 hours and we very lucky to be there every minute. Nice people that work there too. You can see they all love their jobs. Best restaurant in Park City if you want something very unusual.

Saturday 03/05/2011
| Stars

WOW, what a perfect winter adventure with outstanding food and ambiance.

Tuesday 07/13/2010
| Stars

We did the snowplow ride up the mountain and the snowshoe walk to the Yurt and it was quie fun! The food was a bit different but pretty good. It was an all-around fun experience!

Sunday 12/13/2009
| Stars

Took forever to get to yurt. Tractor broke down, waited 20-30 minutes for repairs to be done. Yurt food was average and was strung out over a very long period of time. Yurt is either burning hot (near center) or freezing cold (at walls). Might have been worth it if the food was great, but it was average. Given price, exceptionally poor value and overall experience.

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