Blind Dog Park City
Blind Dog
2.9 Star Rating  |  8 Reviews

1251 Kearns Blvd
Park City, UT 84060
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Cuisine: American
Price: $20 - $40
Location: Central Park City

Sushi Bar

Blind Dog - Park City

Blind Dog has moved from its location in Prospector to a brand new location on Kearns Boulevard. They are taking over the former location of The Yard, which was the old Park City lumber yard, so it will be interesting to see what they can do with that space.
Blind Dog is keeping with the same menu theme, but adding a few new items. Their locals' favorite dishes are comfort food entrees with their signature twist. The Dreamloaf, Mac & Cheese, and steaks will still be on the menu, along with a selection of excellent sushi rolls and sashimi. Blind Dog will also be featuring a newly expanded seafood menu section.
The menu on this page has been updated, so check it out for a look into what to expect at the new location!
We will let you know when we sample the new menu, so stay tuned.
Here is what Salt Lake Magazine said about Blind Dog at its old location:

"Recently remodeled, this comfortable restaurant and sushi bar is a hardcore foodie hangout. Its irreverent, humorous menu counter-points palate-exciting food. Leafy greens swirl in the mouth with gorgonzola, sugary pecans, and thyme-Mandarin oranges, all dissolving with a subtle fire-spiced vinaigrette. Lobster cakes with mango salsa and sweet potato chips are respectable Chesapeake Bay food. Steak, seafood, duck, or pork, accented with roasted poblano, fried-haystack onions, or cranberry cornbread stuffing, encourage eaters toward dessert. Chocolate, custard, or caramel desserts chased with a civilized glass of port, or apres dinner liqueur make good dogs of all of us. BDG's sushi, loaded and rolled Tokyo style, is California-Japanese. Locals, eat, drink and laugh, making a happening, hopping place." - Salt Lake (Magazine of the Mountains)
SKI Magazine's Best Kept Secret 2007, and winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.
Blind Dog - Reviews

Blind Dog Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.9     |     8 User Reviews

Friday 09/30/2016
| Stars

Great Restaurant and bar. Highly recommend to anyone visiting Park Coty. We came back twice in our 7 day visit.

Saturday 09/14/2013
| Stars

Loved the food, Ahi nachos and truffle fries were divine! Had the grouper and the barreimundi both were cooked perfectly and tasted great! Drinks from the bar were excellent and the service was spot on. Not our first time there nor our last, we love it!!

Sunday 02/05/2012
| Stars

Oh, the sushi….where do I begin…..the melt in your mouth, tantalize your tongue, orgasm in your mouth sushi and sake experience we had at Blind Dog. Situated more in the neighborhood rather than on Main Street, walking into this sushi bar and restaurant you would never imagine it being an old lumber yard. There were three of us so we opted out of the sushi bar and took a booth in the bar area were we literally sank into the seats. Maybe they figure making you that comfortable will make you stay longer and spend more. I don’t know, but I do know that after that first bite of sashimi I was prepared to stay for a while. Their sushi menu consisted of many of the often seen maki’s and sushi selections at any basic sushi restaurant. However, Blind Dog offers a full dinner menu as well with highlights such as Cheesesteak Egg Rolls consisting of Kobe Beef, Aged Provolone, Caramelized Onions, Shrooms, Spicy Catsup, Baked Very Cheesy Mac & Vermont Cheddar, Seared Ahi Mini Sliders with Wasabi Cucumber Aioli, Picked Bermuda Onions, as well as large selection of seafood and specialty burgers. The highlight on Blind Dog’s menu may be their Bad Ass Bakes though. Ranging from Lobster Tail to Tator Tots tempura battered, baked with Spicy Aioli, Eel Sauce, Tobiko, Scallions & Sesame Seeds. Next time. Next time we will try to narrow it down and try a few things off the dinner menu. But this was about fresh sashimi delicately and slowly approaching our palate and ending with an explosion of flavor. The plates were flowing and Park City was proving yet again to have its grip on great fresh food. Although Blind Dog has one of the largest beer, wine and liquor selections in the state, Sake was what we were going for. Toasting to health, happiness and good friendships the Sake went down as smooth as the fish. Blind Dog’s atmosphere, service and great food was absolutely beyond pleasing. This place is quite the gem and sure to not disappoint.

Saturday 11/19/2011
| Stars

met a friend there for apps and drinks. it's the first and last time ill go there. staff looks confused and untrained. wasn't impressed with the food product or quality. still looking for a great bar to hang out.

Saturday 08/27/2011
| Stars

$2 tacos were terrible, no salsa, dry fish, no chips, no guacamole, and bad service. 2 other places in town do great $2 taco nites...just because it is inexpensive it shouldn't be terrible. Plus bartender sweaty and over charged me and took 20 minutes to fix it. Never going back there.

Saturday 07/16/2011
| Stars

Bad Food, Terrible Service, Incompetent Management. The food was stale and over cooked, the waiter refused to come over, we had to practically walk out to get the check, management refused to do anything and acted like he got complaints all the time.

Tuesday 03/02/2010
| Stars

I'd give zero if I could. This place is notorious for ignoring anyone not a "friend" of the waiter/owner/bartender/younameit. They added 25% gratuity when we asked to split a bill between 2 couples (2 credit cards). They went broke once because they treat everyone like crap, let's hope it sticks next time.

Wednesday 07/30/2008
| Stars

OMG!! EVERYTHING on this menu is amazing,. The atmosphere is perfect, and they have the best party room for any type of event.

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