Ahh! Sushi Park City
Ahh! Sushi
3.4 Star Rating  |  5 Reviews

8178 Gorgoza Pines Rd
Park City, UT 84098
Restaurant Website
Cuisine: Asian / Sushi
Price: $10 - $20
Location: Jeremy Ranch / Parley's

Sushi Bar
Late Night

Ahh! Sushi - Park City

“Ahh Sushi is a full service sushi restaurant that serves the freshest fish and a very choice tapas menu. Come in and experience the privacy of your own tatami room and choose from our large selection of wonderful wines to accompany your meal.”

Ahh Sushi is open seven days a week from 5pm to 11pm.

Ahh! Sushi - Reviews

Ahh! Sushi Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 3.4     |     5 User Reviews

Thursday 12/01/2011
| Stars

When I started up parley's canyon, my girlfriend and I hadn't made our final decision on where to go and eat. We debated back and forth whether to go Park City, or try Jeremy Ranch. Call it fate, or call it what you will, we decided to pull over in Jeremy and have a look-see. As we were rolling through and discovering the area, we found a great place (Ahh Sushi) just off the highway in the Quarry Park business district. We couldn't have asked for or picked a better spot. The service was top rate. Friendly and helpful waiters that were able to guide us through to the things we like.. The food was delicious, timely, and extremely creative.The whole place was a delight- from decor to dessert. I look forward to seeing them in the near future.

Tuesday 05/31/2011
| Stars

I can't get enough of this place....fantastic sushi, a wonderful staff, and very reasonable pricing. Ask Drew to spin the wheel, and get ready to be impressed. Follow the locals....the swear by Ahh Sushi. After dining, go downstairs to O'Shucks Bar & Grill.....you will be hooked. thumbs up

Monday 05/03/2010
| Stars

I wish I could give this a 0 but you have to rate it in stars..My husband and I use to drive from Evanston wy all the time to eat here. But slowly the service got bad. and then this last time the service was bad.. We arrived had to find someone to help us for seating, When we asked for enclosed room which we always got the lady was so rude cuz there was only two of us and the rooms are made for more people.. We did get seating in a room after she was so rude to us we almost let then(we should of) I had to go find the waiter to be waited on (the place was not busy at all). The rooms have sliding doors the waiter never once closed them .. We had sushi and we ending up sending two of the four rolls we ordred back cuz they tasted funny, MInd you we order the same thing almost every time. The waiter then offered to have them make us something else which we just went with a simple roll . Well when the bill came he tried charging us for the other rolls we couldn't eat.. This was our last straw with this place we will never be back and it use to be so worth the drive.. To top it off my husband and I got so sick with in a few hours of eating there it was not even funny we both missed a day of work due to being so sick.. I will never suggest anyone to go here every again.

Friday 09/18/2009
| Stars

Actually it's 3 stars for the burger bar downstairs. The sushi bar upstairs is 4 stars. This is a strange combo-restaurant that I like. You can order sushi with your burger (on the first floor) .. and if you're upstairs with sushi, they'll bring you up a BUD. .. Gotta luv it.

Saturday 07/26/2008
| Stars

I live at Jeremy Ranch and I can't begin to explain how happy I am that there is a sushi restaurant, and a good one, that I can go to when I'm not in the mood to drive all the way into town. While the service is sometimes lacking, and the food not always the fastest, the specialty rolls and creativity of the sushi chef more than make up for it. I recommend Ahh Sushi for lunch, dinner, dates, and families.

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