Park City Pizza Company
3.3 Star Rating  |  7 Reviews

1612 Ute Blvd
Park City, UT 84098
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Cuisine: Pizza & More
Price: $5 - $10
Location: Kimball Junction

Quick and Casual

Park City Pizza Company - Park City

Park City Pizza Company serves up freshly made, hand-formed and tossed pizzas with your choice of sauce. Traditional tomato sauce is available, along with pesto, alfredo and BBQ.
Local favorites include the Southern California (with avocado, mushrooms, pineapple and roma tomato) and The Greek (with spinach, roma tomato, feta and artichoke hearts).
Along with their famous pizzas, Park City Pizza Company has a selection of fresh salads, pasta, calzones and hot hoagie sandwiches. Beer is now available, and they deliver to most of Park City.

Park City Pizza Company is open daily from 11am – 9:30pm.

Park City Pizza Company - Reviews

Park City Pizza Company Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 3.3     |     7 User Reviews

Saturday 09/27/2014
| Stars

Park City Pizza has new owners, the standards are definitely coming way up! I'm looking forward to the improved food, service and quality experience! Good Luck Stephan!

Saturday 09/28/2013
| Stars

Terrible experience. The tables were filthy, ready-to-eat slices were only warm, I watched an employee lick his fingers while making a dessert pizza, and customers waited way too long to even place their orders. Would never come back.

Sunday 08/04/2013
| Stars

Epic FAIL!!! We had two small families eating together. Those who ordered pizza got their food in a hurry.  Those who ordered sandwiches and Alfredo ... well they have two food prep lines (nope you can see the kitchen and they just flat out forgot to make the food). It took more than 25 minutes for an order of fries. To recover they gave those who got their food early free ice cream because "the other group is being so patient." I have never eaten at a place where they fail this badly and then compound it by rewarding the other group. I'd rather not eat then enter this hole again.

Saturday 09/22/2012
| Stars

Yummy pizza!

Monday 07/25/2011
| Stars

So Julie G. did you give it 1 star to offset the 5 stars? Sounds a bit fishy to me. Our family loves park city pizza because it's fresh and we like a traditional west coast crust, unlike Maxwells which is thin typical new york style pizza!

Sunday 08/15/2010
| Stars

Uhm - 5 stars? I don't think so!!! Sure, the pizza is alright, the service is okay, but 5 stars??? Get real! There is way better pizza in Park City - starting with Maxwells and Davanzas! Come on people!

Friday 09/11/2009
| Stars

An longstanding institution that was on Main St. at one time and several years ago reopened at Kimball Junction. Pizza dough is hand tossed, many choices for toppings and all made to order- not mass produced like the chains in town. My husband loves the hot beef sandwich. Very family friendly. Cold beer available to go with the pizza. Has always a favorite local spot- highly recommended!

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