Chimayo Park City
2.5 Star Rating  |  2 Reviews

368 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060
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Cuisine: Southwestern
Price: $40 - $55
Location: Main Street

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Chimayo, Park City

Chimayo - Park City

The cuisine at Chimayo is not like the typical southwestern fare you may have had before. They gather their southwestern culinary style from a geographical region extending from Southern Mexico to Southern Utah. Executive Chef Bill White finds this region to possess an incomparable integrity as rugged, varying and vast as the southwestern landscape.

The food at Chimayo captures the best characteristics of the cuisine of the Southwest and rolls them seamlessly together with the more refined and elegant style of French-American gastronomy, creating the special fare you will find on the menu.
Chimayo features a rustic and elegant interior with a roaring fireplace, stone walls, southwest tiles and wooden beams. An expansive, award winning wine list is available, along with top shelf margaritas and imported beers.
Chimayo is open nightly starting at 5pm in the winter and 5:30pm in the summer. Reservations are recommended and can be secured using the link below this description.
Chimayo - Reviews

Chimayo Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.5     |     2 User Reviews

Thursday 04/08/2010
| Stars

I have to agree with Daniela. We dined there on 3/30/10 and although the service was very attentive, the basement was crowded and the food was not worth the $280 bill for 4 people. My daughters chilian sea bass was more expensive than my son's kobe steak.

Friday 03/12/2010
| Stars

I was shocked at how overpriced and underwhelming our meal was at Chimayo. We're from NYC and familiar with paying handsomely for a nice meal, but even at places like Gramercy Tavern and Il Buco youíre hard pressed to find a $45 entree, and when you do, you can count on it being an outstanding experience. The food at Chimayo was mediocre at best. Our $45 dollar Cod was "corn crusted", which tasted strikingly similar to shake ní bake. The cod was slightly overcooked, and sat atop a heaping mound of spaghetti squash. The spaghetti squash tasted like you would expect, that is to say, not unusual, and was oddly matched with asparagus tips and wild mushrooms in a heavy butter sauce that gave the whole meal a slick richness it did not need. The house margarita proved cloyingly sweet, pretty much an insult to the sense. We had stopped in for a quick meal, and managed with just two people in under 1 hour, with one shared appetizer (a tiny field-green salad), 2 entrees and 2 margaritas, to spend $140 dollars (not including tip). I donít recommend the experience.

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