Flying Sumo Park City
Flying Sumo
3.5 Star Rating  |  2 Reviews

838 Park Avenue
Park City, UT 84060
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Cuisine: Asian / Sushi
Price: $20 - $40
Location: Main Street

Sushi Bar

Flying Sumo - Park City

Under new ownership! Come check out the all new Flying Sumo.
The Flying Sumo serves fresh, creative sushi just off of Main Street Park City, next to the Town Lift. The warm and casual atmosphere is highlighted by a large sushi bar. Creative and unique sushi rolls are The Flying Sumo’s specialty. Popular favorites include the Hawaii Five-O Roll (crab and cucumber, topped with eel, avocado, eel sauce and macadamia nuts), the Super Bueno Roll (tempura yam, cucumber, avocado and tuna, rolled in cilantro and tobiko with sriracha), and the Surf & Turf Roll (steak and crab rolled and tempura fried, served with funky and eel sauces). The Flying Sumo also serves more traditional sushi and sashimi, along with many unique cooked entrees and small plates from the kitchen (check out the Tokyo Nachos!). Wine, beer and sake are also available.
If you are looking for a memorable sushi experience with some of the most creative rolls anywhere, look no further than The Flying Sumo.
Open daily at 5:30pm.
Flying Sumo - Reviews

Flying Sumo Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 3.5     |     2 User Reviews

Tuesday 07/26/2011
| Stars

I am a long-time PC local and I used to love the Flying Sumo. The atmosphere was always alive and filled with other locals. My last 2 experiences have sent me looking to other sushi restaurants in town, though. My latest meal was just unacceptable for a restaurant in this price range. The sushi was flavorless and tasted more like cheap grocery store sushi. Service the last two times has not lived up to what I experienced in the past either. With so many sushi restaurants in town, there is no reason to go back to one that leaves you disappointed. I hope the Flying Sumo can turn it around and earn my business again. I will let others give it a try first though!

Monday 09/07/2009
| Stars

No other restaurants come close to matching its food quality.

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