Seafood Buffet
4.7 Star Rating  |  3 Reviews

2250 Deer Valley Dr S
Park City, UT 84060
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Cuisine: Steak and Seafood
Price: $40 - $60
Location: Deer Valley

Local Favorite

Seafood Buffet - Park City

The Zagat Restaurant Guide lists the Seafood Buffet in 'America's Top Restaurants.' A favorite of locals and visitors alike, the Seafood Buffet offers a vast array of fresh seafood, including sushi, chilled shellfish, hot seafood appetizers and entrées, along with grilled fowl, pasta and prime rib, plus fabulous homemade desserts. Fine wines and cocktails available.
The Seafood Buffet is located at the base of the Deer Valley ski area, inside the Snow Park Lodge.
The Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley is open Monday through Saturday during the winter ski season, from 6:15pm-9pm.
Seafood Buffet - Reviews

Seafood Buffet Park City Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 4.7     |     3 User Reviews

Sunday 02/15/2015
| Stars

Wife and I went in January...get reservations and then enjoy. Photos say it all. Huge variety. We are bringing our kids back for Spring Break. I hope they have reduced kids fee, but I would still consider bringing them because it is an experience to remember.

Friday 09/18/2009
| Stars

Good to do ONCE. It's expensive, and if you travel a lot, you know there are equals for less money. That said, it was fun. The only down note is the wine list .. succinctly stated, it's badly OVERPRICED. Just drink water, and party in Park City later.

Saturday 12/27/2008
| Stars

I took my girlfriend to the Seafood Buffet last winter for a special night out. I had heard good things around town, but I wasn't sure if any buffet is worth $60 per person. Well, to put it simply, I was blown away. This is no ordinary buffet. The fish, king crab legs, oysters, shrimp, and sushi were all super fresh and prepared exquisitely. Along with the abundance of seafood, there are lots of salads and entrees that are cooked to order. The desserts are also over the top and just amazing. There are probably 20 choices, and we tried about 10 of them. Also order the coffee because it was some of the best I had all year. 5 stars, and a definite must for anyone looking for a memorable experience in Park City.

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