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Canyons Western BBQ   |   not yet rated
Canyons Western BBQ
Ride the Flight of The Canyons gondola to Red Pine Lodge for a night the whole family will remember. Circle the wagons and round-up your posse! End an unforgettable day of skiing and riding by kicking up your heels to the music of a country-western band while their chefs present a legendary Western BBQ Buffet featuring house specialty...
Cuisine: Western and BBQ
Price: $50-$60
Location: Canyons
Fireside Dining at Deer Valley   |   Avg Rating: 4.7   Fireside Dining at Deer Valley - Park City -Star Rating
Fireside Dining at Deer Valley
Fireside Dining offers local favorites from the European Alps, in the heart of Deer Valley. Fireside Dining at Empire Canyon Lodge features four courses served from our stone fireplaces. Courses include warm Swiss raclette cheese accompanied by steamed new potatoes, house marinated pearl onions, cornichons, cured Italian and Swiss...
Cuisine: European
Price: $40-$55
Location: Deer Valley
Lookout Cabin   |   Avg Rating: 4.7   Lookout Cabin - Park City -Star Rating
Lookout Cabin
Lookout Cabin is located at 8,300 ft, just steps from the top of the Golden Eagle and Short Cut lifts at The Canyons. This secluded get-away offers incredible views of the Wasatch Range, coupled with a table-served luncheon menu featuring grilled fish, meats and the best caesar salad on the mountain. Lookout Cabin was awarded...
Cuisine: American
Price: $10-$20
Location: Canyons
Red Pine Lodge   |   not yet rated
Red Pine Lodge
Enjoy lunch at 8,000 feet at the Red Pine Lodge. You'll take a scenic ride on the gondola to this truly unique alpine location for a delicious lunch.   The Red Pine Lodge is open for breakfast and lunch from 9am - 4pm during the ski season.   The Red Pine Lodge is also open during the summer with table-service...
Cuisine: American - Casual
Price: $10-$20
Location: Canyons
Viking Dinner Yurt   |   Avg Rating: 3.8   Viking Dinner Yurt - Park City -Star Rating
Viking Dinner Yurt
New for this year: The Viking Yurt is now located at Park City Mountain Resort!   The Viking Yurt lets you dine in style at 8,000 feet at Park City Mountain Resort. This unique dining experience is unike anything else found in Park City. The Viking Yurt is an unforgettable and romantic evening spent high in...
Cuisine: European
Price: $100-$180
Location: Park City Mountain Resort
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