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Pig Pen Saloon Reviews

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Pig Pen Saloon Reviews
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Average Rating: 4
Sunday 12/05/2010
Brad B. | Pig Pen Saloon Reviews

Pig Pen easily has the best prices on the ENTIRE resort. Great food for you money, amazing staff, quick food no matter how busy they are. I absolutely love the view from their deck!

Wednesday 08/25/2010
Steph T | Pig Pen Saloon Reviews

Quick, Simple, Casual, Good Prices. All I need on a ski day.

Sunday 08/15/2010
Julie G. | Pig Pen Saloon Reviews

I can't even believe this place got 2 different 5 star reviews!!!! Pig Pen has easily the WORST food at Park City Resort, if not in all of Park City!. They also have some of the rudest staff I've ever met! This place is gross - it's dirty, the food sucks, and the only reason I give it two stars is because of their outdoor patio overlooking the first time ski run. Baja, Legends, or EE are all better choices!

Wednesday 07/07/2010
S.B. | Pig Pen Saloon Reviews

I've been coming to the Pig Pen for years and love it every time! The staff are so much fun and are always kind enough to take our yearly family photos on their deck! Even when the place is packed it takes 15 minutes tops to get your food! And they have some of the best prices at PCMR! Thanks guys!

Thursday 12/17/2009
Steve Johnson | Pig Pen Saloon Reviews

Great atmosphere with the best views of the slope

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