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Bistro 412 Reviews
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Sunday 08/21/2016
Linsey Manning | Bistro 412 Reviews

Had lunch there today and my husband ordered the pasta with mussels. When his meal came I had to take a double look because the noodles still looked "crunchy". I asked for a taste and sure enough they were very undercooked, not even close to being "aldente". He didn't want to make a big deal about it because the other 2 people we were eating with were treating us to lunch. He quietly told me under his breath that the meal tasted weird. A few hours after we arrived home he vigorously started vommiting and continued vommiting on an off for hours. After making a few phone calls to family members who are in the medical field, it was obvious he has a bad case of food poisoning!! I made a call to the restaurant and conviently they gave me the run around as to why I could speak with the manager. So I told the man I was speaking to what had happened and that I wanted them to know so they could check the mussels and let someone in the kitchen know so this horrible experience wouldn't happen to anyone else. He clearly didn't care! He simply said "I'll spread the word". No thank you for letting us know or sorry for what's happened, then he hung up. I understand food poisoning can happen, it's a risk you take everytime you go out to eat somewhere. However, we will NEVER go back because of the arrogant staff and the lack of care and sympathy they showed. And we make sure to tell everyone about our horrible experience!!! I am ending this review now so I can go help my husband who is throwing up while sitting on the toilet....

Monday 03/14/2011
micmullins | Bistro 412 Reviews

I had a billing error with this restaurant last night. I worked it out with my server and still paid way too much for the drinks I had. I was waiting for a friend outside and the manager met me and told me that "I was a piece of sh#t". I was appalled at the level of customer service. I am a local and can't imagine being treated this way as an out-of-towner. I would not go to this restaurant if you have a sense of common decency.

Sunday 03/14/2010
Nina | Bistro 412 Reviews

Amazing! Every single time I went, food was great. My favorite is the Duck 3 ways. Sooo good. Service is great. Lunch has great options as well.

Friday 05/01/2009
leanne | Bistro 412 Reviews

Truly special little restaurant in Park City. It has everything including a kid's menu, which is very helpful in the present economy. I loved the Ahi Salsa and the Onion Soupe, my husband raved about his Berkshire T-Bone and the Thai Spring Rolls. Really incredible and not too expensive. The atmosphere is tres Paris!

Friday 08/08/2008
Anonymous | Bistro 412 Reviews

I love this restaurant. The atmosphere is great and the food is terrific. The pomm frits that come with almost everything on the menu and the most delicious french fries I have ever had.

Saturday 07/26/2008
local | Bistro 412 Reviews

Love the food, love the bar. Great service. Great atmosphere. Check it out.

Saturday 07/26/2008
Kai | Bistro 412 Reviews

I LOVE this place! They have the best pommes frites in the state, and the daily specials are a real treat. Whether you want a lite bit or a gourmet French meal, you can't miss.

Saturday 07/26/2008
Carol | Bistro 412 Reviews

Great food, awesome service, good vibe. Love it...

Friday 07/11/2008
Damon | Bistro 412 Reviews

My wife an I eat here for lunch all the time in the summer. Dinner is great too. The atmosphere and music are truly French and unique. Don't forget the late night menu and drinks upstairs.

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