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Sage's Cafe   |  Avg Rating: 5.0   Sage's Cafe Salt Lake City Star Rating
Sage's Cafe Salt Lake City
Sage's Cafe is one of Salt Lake City's best destination restaurants, and it completely vegetarian. It's innovative and cutting edge cuisine has earned numerous awards, including Best Vegetarian by City Weekly, an amazing 8 years in a row!   Sage's Cafe takes pride in everything they do. The menu features 90% organic foods,...
Cuisine: Vegetarian/Organic
Price: $10-$20
Location: Downtown
The Other Place Restaurant   |  Avg Rating: 5.0   The Other Place Restaurant Salt Lake City Star Rating
The Other Place Restaurant Salt Lake City
The Other Place Restaurant is a classic Salt Lake City restaurant with a "step-back-in-time" feel to it. Excellent breakfast options that are served all day, Greek lunch and dinner options and reasonable prices make The Other Place a local favorite.   The Other Place Restaurant has a bright, open dining room with minimal furnishings...
Cuisine: Greek
Price: $5-$10
Location: Downtown
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