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595 S. Lincoln
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Cuisine: American
Price: $5 - $10
Location: In Between

Local Favorite

Freshies - Steamboat Springs

Freshies is a very popular breakfast and lunch restaurant between downtown Steamboat Springs and the ski area. If you ask any local where to go for breakfast, Freshies will be at the top of their list. There is usually a wait to get a table, but be patient because the food is worth it. For breakfast try one of their Savory Scrambles, or check out their Old Fashioned Oatmeal for a tasty alternative to eggs. The lunch menu features classic sandwiches, burgers, and a large selection of salads and vegetarian friendly items. The menus are affordable, the food is great, there is tons of parking, and the restaurant is packed with locals…what are you waiting for? Get to Freshies!

Freshies is open daily for breakfast and lunch from 7am – 2:30pm.

Freshies - Reviews

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Saturday 07/20/2013
| Stars

Freshies served one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. Being from the southwest, we are sort of snobs when it comes to green chilies:) I had the Southwest Benedict. The eggs were on a layer of fresh sliced avocado. Yum! They were smothered in green chili that was flavorful with just enough kick without being HOT. It came with a side of green chili grits that were heavenly. When we asked our waitress if there were other Freshies restaurants she said that this was the only one and she was the owners' daughter. Gotta love good food and gotta love local. By the way, we found Freshies by looking around for the packed parking lot. Always a good way to judge a restaurant!

Tuesday 02/26/2013
| Stars

My boyfriend and I spent a long Valentine's weekend in Steamboat. We are both Colorado natives and love Steamboat, which we visit about 6 times per year for the Strawberry Springs, and 8-10 for boarding. This was the first time that we went to Freshies. The sign said organic fresh food. This is right up our alley, so we thought that this place would be perfect for us. As we went in it was very chaotic and we waited for a bit to be seated. When our waitress brought our hot tea she spilt the scolding water on my boyfriend. We are normally pretty chill people, so after cleaning up what we could we brushed it off. We waited almost 40 minutes for our food and when our waitress brought the food she was eating herself, and licking/sucking food off of her teeth. We were pretty grossed out about this. But continued to try to stay calm. As we were eating we looked around and literally all of the waitresses and bartender were eating. They were picking food up, putting it in their mouths, licking their fingers and continuing to serve customers their food. An older waitress, she had a grey ponytail coughed in her hand, ate some food than rang up some customers....Yuck!!! It shouldn't be hard to realize that you do not touch your mouth, eat, cough on your hands then proceed to handle customers food, or touch a register that every other waitperson touches also. We were absolutely disgusted. My boyfriend is a Mountain boy, and it takes a lot for him to get grossed out. But this place did it. The food wasn't bad, but we couldn't finish our meals because of the unsanitary and outright disrespect that the waitstaff was displaying for Freshies customers. We got our check and left, but washed our hands first. But wait there's more...... when I got my bank statement Freshies had charged me $92 for our $29 meal!!! What are you kidding me!! I called Freshies and the manager on staff told me that our waitress, the one that spilt hot water on my boyfriend, the one that served us our food while she was eating her lunch, put in a $52 tip for herself on our $29 meal. (I left her what I thought was a generous $5.) "Honest mistake," is what the manager said. The charge was reversed and I finally got my $52 back 1 week later. We will never come here again!!! And will tell all of our friends and family to stay away from this place with the nasty, entitled waitstaff. You can have the best food in the world, but if your waitress sneezes on it, or touches it with her freshly slobbered hands it is instantly contaminated and ruined!! This Colorado Native is very disappointed.....

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