Mambo Italiano
3.3 Star Rating  |  12 Reviews

521 Lincoln Ave
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
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Cuisine: Italian / Pizza
Price: $10 - $20
Location: Downtown Steamboat

Local Favorite

Mambo Italiano - Steamboat Springs

Mambo Italiano, located in the heart of Steamboat Springs, features flavorful Italian cuisine in a fun and lively atmosphere. The menu at Mambo Italiano uses family Italian recipes and fresh ingredients to create unique dishes like “Pasta Francesco alla Vodka” and “Fettuccine alla Rustica” with shrimp, chicken and pancetta in a parmesan cream sauce. Featured in Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best Ski Town Restaurants”, Mambo Italiano has a energetic atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else in Steamboat. There is also outdoor seating and live music on select evenings. Mambo Italiano – “Always delicious. Always Fun. Always a Great Choice!”

Mambo Italiano is open nightly from 5pm – 10pm, with the bar opening at 4:30pm.

Mambo Italiano - Reviews

Mambo Italiano Steamboat Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 3.3     |     12 User Reviews

Monday 07/16/2012
| Stars

We were in home shopping for the weekend and based on "The Best of the Boat," we went here. If this is the best, I'd hate to taste the worst. The waitress was terrific, and my date's dinner was saved by the wine. Other than that? Had the steak with verde special. It was like shoe leather. Left it on my plate - the folks next to us asked if they could take it for their dog, and I almost had them sign a liability release for any vet bills that might be caused! My date had a pasta special that was overly tomatoed. While the appetizers and soup were spoken of glowingly, they were nothing to write home about - average at best. The garlic bread was over garliced to the point of bitterness, and your fingers were horribly oily after touching it. We have eaten all over the world, and this had to be the worst, yet most pretentious Italian meal we've ever had. Please learn how to do a simple marinara well. Subtlety goes a long, long way when seasoning. While we are moving to Steamboat, we will not be dining here again.

Wednesday 02/29/2012
| Stars

My wife and I dined there on Tue 2/28. We sat at the kitchen counter. The food was very good. The service was poor. Our waitress made us wait 15 minutes to get our order taken and 20 minutes to get our check. What service she did provide was breezy and overly familiar and she kept putting her arms around my shoulders which i didnt like at all. I didn't leave a tip.

Sunday 01/29/2012
| Stars

Food and portion size USED to be great, there has been a change in the kitchen staff and that shows in the reduced portion size and overall quality of ingredients. Unfortunately, I give Mambo 2 stars. The service and overall lack of attentiveness of the staff is less that stellar.

Sunday 11/20/2011
| Stars

good food. terrible service. everyone in town knows that.

Tuesday 07/05/2011
| Stars

The food was pretty good but the waitress i had was the rudest server i have ever had. she was extreamly rude and ruined the night for me and my friend. her name is karen and she is older but she was so rude and makes me not want to go back again.

Tuesday 06/21/2011
| Stars

My friend & I went here for a drink and ended up ordering some food @ the bar on the outside patio. The bartender was rude from the get go & ignored us the whole time. When it was time to pay, I did not leave her a tip, tipping is not a requirement it's a graditude !! I talked to the owner several days later & he was very appoligetic and took care of me VERY well. That was the best customer relations I have ever seen and I will definitely be back. The food is awesome too :) Thanks Andy

Friday 03/25/2011
| Stars

Decadent and fancy pants it makes anyone feel like a duke or duchesses of exotic locations. Welcome to the Principessa! Cooked to perfection in a brick oven, a gentle dusting of herby olive oil on the crust creates a fine start to a culinary delight. The second layer is a lovely crumbled goat cheese, I hear the treatment of these goats rivals that of the Kobe beef of Japan, daily massages, music, and they don’t even have to be killed, just milked with satin gloves. The third story of this magnanimous munchie, with a distinct flavor of hope and dreams, is a generous garden of arugula, Freshness is the key here making a beautiful ground floor to an already cheesy basement. This pizza could stand on its own in this fashion but will not be out done! Never cast pearls before swine, cast pizza under swine. Bacon? A commoners morsel! Speak to me of Prosciutto, in the finest of Italian traditions this flavor brings about a deep strength of salted and dried meat. Usually aged from 9 months to 2 years, after a 2 month sea salt rub this flavor might make Gandhi want to break a fast and eat a pig, it’s that good. I could stop there but the crown jewel has yet to be dashed across the facet of edible perfection. It’s enough to make Julia Child, blush, rest her soul. I speak of White Truffle Oil people, the actual Alba madonna smells of feet but what better way of seeking them out then the humble pig and then making that pig into Prosciutto for my pizza. Tuber magnatum truffles sold for between US$1,000 and $2,200 per pound last year. Oh food of the heavens! Often times enjoyed with a rich porter to match, it makes the palate spasm with delight.

Thursday 03/03/2011
| Stars

great friday happy hour. hectic and busy but that's what happens when you're really, really good. great staff.

Friday 03/05/2010
| Stars

Good locals place. Especially in the summer when you can sit outside and enjoy the weather. Not much of a view on the patio, other than your significant other, but it beats going inside, which is small and tight. Bit of advice.... go early (i.e. between 4:30 and 6). Once the crowds come, things get hectic, and the wait staff are overloaded. Until then, you have some great wait staff here. They know all the tricks towards buttering you up for a good tip (i.e. hand on shoulder, compliments, stooping down to eye level, making suggestions for minor additions to your entre, and the usual dissertation on the history of wine). Like almost everything in Steamboat, it's a bit overpriced (welcome to a resort town !) However portions are good, so I recommend sharing a couple of appetizers, or one entre with your mate to make it economical. Wine is really overpriced, but what can you do ? Only negative thing that's happened to us is we went in on our anniversary and happended to mention it to our waitress. She wound up bringing us a tira misu (sp ?) dessert with a lit candle as a surprise. The real surprise was that it had been added to the bill, and the waitress went off shift. An oversight ? Possibly. Still, I deducted it from the 20% tip. Sorry, I don't pay for what I don't order.

Sunday 09/20/2009
| Stars

Happy hour here is great. Dollar beers and pizza deals. We sat on the deck and loved the relaxed downtown location. We ate here 2 out of the 3 night we were in town and had leftover pizza the third night. I would say its a must if your in Steamboat.

Sunday 06/28/2009
| Stars

If you are in Steamboat during the summer stop here and sit on the deck. they have one of the best happy hours that we have been to and they are not very busy early in the evening so the service was great.

Saturday 02/28/2009
| Stars

Great spot - crowded but fun atmosphere. Reasonable prices. No reservations, but call ahead and ask them to put your name on the wait list a few minutes before you arrive.

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