2.6 Star Rating  |  20 Reviews

1875 Ski Time Square
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Cuisine: Asian / Sushi
Price: $10 - $30
Location: At the Mountain

Happy Hour Specials
Local Favorite

Saketumi - Steamboat Springs

Saketumi is Steamboat’s favorite sushi bar and is located right at the base of the ski area, next to the Slopeside Grill. Saketumi is known for their creative specialty sushi rolls unique sauces and inspired fish combinations. The menu also features traditional rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and entrees like “Yellow Coconut Curry” and “Rad Thai”. The atmosphere inside Saketumi is laid back, yet elegant with flat screen TV’s showing ski and bike movies next to a falling water sculpture. Beer, wine, and fine sake are available, along with sushi classes. Stop by Saketumi for the finest sushi on the mountain!

Saketumi is open nightly at 5pm, with Happy Hour until 6pm.

Saketumi - Reviews

Saketumi Steamboat Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.6     |     20 User Reviews

Tuesday 09/13/2016
| Stars

Mediocre food, angry waitstaff, and an owner who likes to post his own 5-star reviews.

Wednesday 09/30/2015
| Stars

I'll start with 5 stars, but have to knock off 1 for price. There's cheaper for the same quality around the area. Also, knocking off 1 for the waitstaff. They seem upset we're there. I have to deduct another for what some other reviewers have said. I couldn't get reservations, but other people did. Drops to 1 star because of the owner coming on the site and giving his own restaurant a 5-star rating.

Friday 07/17/2015
| Stars

It is very rare for me to leave a review but this place deserves an easy five stars. For those who say it is very expensive place, I think you get what you pay for. Keep the good work and I am looking forward to see you again.

Wednesday 09/18/2013
| Stars

This place is still around? I ate here years ago and thought it would be gone by now. I plan to visit lots of places again in 2015, but this is not one of them. The price is too high, even for what I know is called mountain markup. Also, like I read below, the way that some can have reservations and some can not is what my experience as well. And the food is not impressive. I can not do better, but that is why I come to a restaurant--to be impressed by those who are better than me at this preparation! This place they seem bothered by the customers, that we would come to a restaurant to eat.

Friday 03/08/2013
| Stars

First time in Steamboat Springs, from Toronto, Canada. We have sushi restaurants on every street corner and I've been to Japan numerous times. We read these negative reviews and decided to test the cuisine for ourselves. The restaurant was almost full, but there was a table for two so seating was quick. Service was prompt, very friendly and courteous. The edamame and tempura calamari were excellent. We had several rolls including soft shell crab and Salmon T both of which were superb. As a shredder, I enjoyed the snowboarding videos on the big screen but who cares! I came for the cuisine and service and both were top notch. This restaurant deserves objective reviews from disinterested patrons who know toothsome Japanese cuisine. Keep up the high standards, hope to visit you again when we return to Steamboat Springs. 3-8-13

Monday 02/25/2013
| Stars

My friends like to go there because there's a roll they like that they can't get anyplace else, but I just don't really see the appeal. The food is OK, but it's nothing to gush over. They claim they don't take reservations and that if you show up at certain times you can get seated quickly. We were told there was an hour+ wait when we got there, even though we'd just called and were told there were plenty of seats and it only took us 5 minutes to get there. The whole place AND the wait list fills up to an hour wait in 5 minutes??? And why was there an hour+ wait when we can see empty tables??? Like another reviewer, we were told that we had to be there to get on "the list" (we can't "call ahead"), that they can't even put a party on "the list" unless the whole party is there (I totally get not *seating* partial parties, but not even getting on a list?!), and the whole party has to be ready to get seated when called or they get scratched off the list and have to get re-added (I totally get being bumped, but just totally screwed like that?! Come on!!!). And then we got bumped for a little group who showed up and said they were on the list because they called ahead for a seat at 7pm!!! So they get to sit at one of the empty tables even though they weren't there to get on the list. Also, calling ahead for a specific time sounds like a reservation to me!!! And they're "elegant with flat screen TV’s showing ski and bike movies next to a falling water sculpture"?! The “movies” were the same ones I saw like 4 years ago on the same TV.

Sunday 02/24/2013
| Stars

My party was not able to get "on the list" because ONE person was still on the way there. With a more-than-one-hour wait, I think you can accommodate 1 person being delayed. Also, don't tell me you don't take reservations and don't seat incomplete parties then let a group of two take a table for 8 while I'm waiting because they "called ahead." The food is OK, but the unprofessional inconsistency has made me swear this place off for good. It's busy enough that they won't miss my money, but I hope this review saves someone the disappointment I encountered.

Thursday 01/31/2013
| Stars

It was our first time at Steamboat, and we both have been craving some Asian food. For lunch, we stopped by Saketumi and each ordered pho. We have pho so often that it's easily a part of our diet. Honestly, we never had bad pho in any cities we've visited so we thought it was a sure bet. I would not call the noodle soup served to us "pho". It tasted more like rice noodles floating in dish water. The stock was completely bland and luke warm. It didn't have any other flavoring other than the noodles and the sprouts. My husband's beef in his pho was so well done that he said was like chewing on a leather belt. We both had the same terrible experience but didn't want to complain. Finally, the server noticed I wasn't eating my pho and offered something else. By then, I was so frustrated, I was no longer hungry. I did explain that the soup was completely bland and that it wasn't pho that we were use to. I rather he just offered to comp my meal since I didn't eat but two bites. He never offered, and I didn't push the issue. If I could give them less than 1 star, I would. All in all, an awful experience.

Sunday 01/20/2013
| Stars

Great food! One of the best sushi places I have been to. The service was great too! Everyone was so nice. Can't wait to visit again.

Thursday 12/15/2011
| Stars

I am the owner of the "alleged competitor" of which Kier Delaney speaks. Spostas World Sushi and Salads is located downtown at 825 Oak St. I am the only sushi restaurant that serves flash frozen seafood for several reasons. Please go to for a clear explanation for us using only previously frozen product. Our sauces are homemade with the exception of 2. Sweet Chilli and Sriracha. I would like to extend an invitation to all to give Spostas a try and if you do not like it, I will buy your entire meal. There is really no need to bad mouth other folks in town Kier, unless you are truly threatened and for that I am flattered.

Friday 11/25/2011
| Stars

Saketumi is my favorite restaurant in Steamboat. My friends and I treat ourselves to Saketumi every time we come home! The atmosphere is reallly nice and their specialty rolls are amazing! I never leave Saketumi unsatified. I don't understand what's with the bad reviews... I have been there a few times when the service was pretty slow, but most everyone that works there is very nice. It's a bit pricy, but I think it's worth the price. I've paid just as much for sushi at other restaurants and not been nearly as impressed.

Tuesday 11/08/2011
| Stars

That's a fair response rcolter. Our labor pool & service industry is a constant challenge in a transient resort community...thanks for giving us a try. The staff we've put together for the upcoming season is the best we've had in many years, so we'll expect to do better the next time. Have a great day, R. Kier Delaney

Thursday 10/20/2011
| Stars

So I see the top review is from the owner explaining the poor reviews. I went to this restaurant a few years ago and for the most part was pretty happy but I have to ask what is with the poor service. The owner explained the long waits and high prices but no comment on the poor service. Bottom line if you have to wait for a table and pay these prices the last thing you need is some 20 something kid treating you like your an inconvenience to them.

Wednesday 07/20/2011
| Stars

I am the owner of Saketumi Steamboat, and respect everyone's right to their opinion. A few things per the reviews should be clarified for everyone. Our fish is the "only" jet fresh" sushi in Steamboat, so for anyone to say the food is not fresh is a ridiculous accustation. We are the only fresh sushi in Steamboat, and we get better quality than most restaurants in the city because of my belief in serving only the best quality and making sure our vendors supply the best to us. The review from Lokal is an attempt from a alleged competitor. I say alleged, because there is no competition. He serves frozen product and uninspired bottled sauces. His Chefs were trained on YouTube. Every one of our sauces except for local favorite and local businessman "Dean Martin's Asian BBQ" is made in house from our exceptionally talented Chefs. To respond to "don't eat here": We pay a premium to fly in our fish, serve steroid free steak and chicken and quality costs money, particularly in our remote neck of the woods. The fish is as fresh as it gets, and anyone who knows quality, knows this to be fact! Yes we could serve frozen product and charge a lot less, but we will NEVER serve an inferior product to make an extra buck like the alleged competition...EVER. Paul Hubbard's critique is valid regarding AMEX. For those unaware, Amex charges over 4% to Visa/Mastercard's 2.5% and in an economy like this...every little bit makes a difference, so yes, we prefer to not accept AMEX but do when pressed. The consistent complaints we receive and I wear with pride are "expense and wait time": We serve the best, which costs, so we have to charge for quality, the margin is small. In fact, with increasing food prices we should raise our prices, but have not because we know times are tough for everyone. If you like frozen, then there are other choices in Steamboat, but as anyone who knows quality restaurants and food...any place with a line out the door is worth waiting for! To expect to not have to wait for a seat in a restaurant that seats 43 persons in the busy Winter months is a complaint I'll happily means we're doing something right and have been for eight years now. Thanks for listening, and looking forward to proving the naysayers wrong. R. Kier Delaney Owner/Operator Saketumi Steamboat

Friday 03/04/2011
| Stars

The food is not fresh, expensive, and all of the sauces are not origanal they are common asian jar sauces. Better off getting sushi at the grocery store and cooking your own frozen pot stickers.

Friday 07/02/2010
| Stars

Service is the worst. The food is okay but way over priced. I am not sure how people say its the best sushi they have eaten, being Colorado the fish is old. Especially for how outrageously priced everything is.

Monday 03/22/2010
| Stars

We ate dinner there last night 3-21-10 and were advised after dinner that AMEX was not accepted. We see in the Steamboat dinning magazine that it clearly states that AMEX is accepted and we have used it there before. The waiter still refused to accepte AMEX. We own property here and are frequent visitors. This restaurant should take a look at their published advertising. The food is average but the attitude and the lack of accurate advertising is unacceptable.

Friday 03/19/2010
| Stars

Great fusion sushi, be sure to try their aptly named Miles of Smiles roll! (The 49'er deserves an honorable mention too). Just a touch expensive for the local crowd, but makes up for it in originality and taste. It's a good place for people to get together, pool some cash, and have a great time!

Monday 03/08/2010
| Stars

This place sucks, the food is OK at best and is way over priced. The staff is none caring, slow and I am talking slow service. The waiter was rude and seemed drunk at the time, later to find out he was the manager. If your into spending 150 dollars for you and a date for low quality fish and a crowded, cramped atmosphere then please feel free. My suggestion would be to go to Cafe Diva which is right next door, about the same cost but unbelievable service and food.

Thursday 12/17/2009
| Stars

Eaten sushi all over the world including Japan. Saketumi is up there with the best - but it is on the expensive side.

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