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Boathouse Pub Reviews
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Average Rating: 2.9
Friday 10/12/2012
Steven | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Food was pretty good. The bar service was good. The wait staff sucks. Period. Worst Service ever this summer.

Friday 03/23/2012
gary | Boathouse Pub Reviews

what a great place--excellant food, drinks too die

Wednesday 05/18/2011
Local Yokel | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Missy, It is not just you they do this to lots of people. They only wait tables at certain times, we don't go because of this.

Monday 09/13/2010
Missy | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Worst experience during my stay in Steamboat. The service was awful, but seemed to only be bad to my African American boyfriend and myself. Everyone else was getting great friendly service. When we walked in we were told to pick a table and get our own drinks at the bar. Everyone else around us was seated at a table and had a waiter or waitress to get their drinks. When we asked who our wait person was because we hadnít been helped, we were once again treated rudely and told that we could get our drinks from the bar. We spent a lot of money over the weekend, I am glad we left the Boathouse before giving them more than $10. Itís 2010, racism is out.

Tuesday 11/03/2009
AJ | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Loved this place. We went in late in the evening and had a great Martini and Dessert. They had a friendly staff and fun live music.

Tuesday 09/15/2009
Meghan | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Local from Steamboat. I go to the Boathouse with the girls after work. I love there two for one drinks during happy hour. There glasses of wine are great. Cute Bartenders also.

Monday 08/31/2009
Joe | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Had a great app. "when pigs fly". Never had anything like that before. The Reuben was the best I have had in years. Then stayed for live music. Super Fun and not too pricy.

Sunday 08/30/2009
jk | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Had a great meal,great prices and services--best drinks in Steamboat

Sunday 08/23/2009
Anne | Boathouse Pub Reviews

Food was mediocre and the service was worse. Just visited twice in the past week 8/17~~ consistent on both occassions.

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