Deno's Mountain Bistro
2.9 Star Rating  |  18 Reviews

78911 U.S. 40
Winter Park, CO 80482
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Cuisine: American
Price: $20 - $40
Location: Downtown Winter Park

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Deno's Mountain Bistro, Winter Park

Deno's Mountain Bistro - Winter Park

Deno's Mountain Bistro has been serving great food in their downtown Winter Park location since 1976. They feature the best happy hour in Winter Park from 3-6pm daily, along with steaks, seafood, burgers, pasta and sandwiches.

"Deno's Mountain Bistro is a place where all are welcome and everyone can relax. Nothing fancy - no valet parking or maitre d' in a tuxedo - we think the world is stressful enough with adding to it with pretentious restaurant behavior. Our mission is simple - to provide an oasis of relaxation in this busy world and to serve you terrific food in portions so generous that you'll probably have to take some home. If the upper dining and pub level is occasionally a little loud, we hope that you will forgive us. Some people relax louder than others. We hope our blend of sports, music, good food and relaxation is to your liking and that you will come back soon and bring friends.

Deno's Mountain Bistro has won The Wine Spectator's "Best of Award" since 1992. We have over 300 wines to choose from. We have wines for all tastes and budgets. Please ask to see our Proprietor's Wine Lists when you visit.

Deno's features Micro Brews on tap from Colorado's finest breweries. 10 total beer on tap!

They have 9 TVs and a large HD projection screen, plus satellite coverage so you can watch you favorite sports event (NFL, MLB Packages).
Deno's Mountain Bistro is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner starting at 11:30am. Join them for Happy Hour daily from 3pm - 6pm.

Also check out Deno's Mountain Bistro on Facebook for their latest specials and events.

Updated 3-2-13
Deno's Mountain Bistro - Reviews

Deno's Mountain Bistro Winter Park Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.9     |     18 User Reviews

Saturday 04/19/2014
| Stars

I was honoured to be an employee of Deno's back in the 1980s. I remember Deno's mom, Anita being so caring and helping me learn my new job. I remember never being able to afford this kind of food growing up, and Deno's feeding me a wonderful meal off the menu each night after my shift. I took that experience and built on it working at various country clubs and 5 star restaurants, and finally to managing a resort hotel and restaurant in New Mexico. All the affluent transients coming from lesser places than Winter Park would do better to slow down, show some respect to the locals slaving away at their heals and STFU!

Thursday 10/03/2013
| Stars

Don't waste your time or money. Go to Randi's or The Library. Deno's is overpriced and has a terrible-terrible wait staff.

Monday 07/22/2013
| Stars

We had a party of 10 women. The servers were knowledgable and friendly. 8 of the 10 of us said their food was excellent. The only complaint I have is the women's restroom which is small, only 2 stalls, and a bit run down.

Saturday 02/23/2013
| Stars

I have been here several times but unfortunately after this last visit I will not go back. The server was good but the food was not up to par. First they do not let you make any substitutions which I don't think is right for the price of an entree. Second my wife ordered a pork chop and it came out medium when she ordered well done. I also ordered a filet medium and it came out raw in the center. I sent it back twice and it finally came out medium in the center and well done on the outside. I really think they should have made a fresh filet instead of putting it back on the grill twice. It compromised the quality of the steak. They did discount my bill because of the steak issue. Maybe happy hour is better but the fine dining side needs some work.

Sunday 08/19/2012
| Stars

Was in WP from the front range for the weekend with some friends. I ordered a $9 martini, it came out 60% full so I asked the waiter if this was considered a fair pour. He replied asking how I planned on getting home if the pour were any better? Funny since I wasn't driving and had one beer all day. He took the martini back to the bar and brought it back in a mini martini glass, so it looked like a better drink. I called him out on it and he said if I didn't like it to leave and he will turn the table. I asked for the check and ate elsewhere. Seems like ownership is the problem as no manager or owner ever showed their face to see what the issue was. I would not recommend this place at all, the food might be good, assuming that you can get pass the arrogant service, but why take the chance?

Saturday 01/28/2012
| Stars

Perfect steak and service on a busy night. It's a local haunt. Started by Germans 40 years ago. If you're looking for corporate nonsense there's plenty around including a McDonalds.

Wednesday 12/07/2011
| Stars

We called Deno's to varify that we could use our coupons one evening. We were told yes. When we arrived, the owner told us we could not use our coupons, and that the person who told us we could was new. The owner was very rude and I would recommend staying away from this place. The inside was run down and nasty, had a great expirence down the road a few blocks at a clean restaurant.

Monday 10/03/2011
| Stars

great experience, friendly staff. great patio!

Wednesday 09/28/2011
| Stars

The pictures and information on this website is outdated. Denos has won the Best Of award from Wine Spectator in 2011. They have by far the best wine list in grand county and their happy hour menu is award winning and the locals favorite hangout for over 30 years.

Sunday 08/07/2011
| Stars

Worst restaurant I've been to in a while. They never served us our main course and we waited for over an hour. Appetizers and salads were subpar. Don't waste your money.

Friday 03/18/2011
| Stars

Great food for a moderate price. The waitstaff was nice and polite. It's for any occasion, a cozy romantic dinner or a hangout pub after skiing. The food was tasteful and presentation was clean. Definitely will come back

Friday 01/01/2010
| Stars

The food is very average and overpriced. Our waiter was great, but overall, this place wasn't worth it. Try the Crooked Creek Saloon instead, we had a great dining experience there!

Monday 09/21/2009
| Stars

Excellent food, friendly service, super helpful staff . The pizzas are fantastic. Don't know what those other posts are talking about, but there are always people who want to complain. Maybe they were the table I saw putting ketchup on their filet mignons. Either way, high quality food, definitely recommend this place.

Thursday 07/30/2009
| Stars

In our recent stay at Winter Park our group of 16 decided to try Deno's. We had a group of children with us. The children sat at a seperate table. The waitress that served them decided to up sell them from the kids menu and without asking the childrens parents served them from the normal menu instead of the childrens menu. One seven year old girl was served a 14 inch large pizza instead of the pizza of the chidrens menu. All of the other children were also brought adult size portions instead of ordering off the childrens menu. The waitress just did this on her own and did not consult any of the adults in the party. We spoke with the owner and he was very condescending. He was very rude and told us that in that part of the dining room they do not serve children. We asked then why did they take our reservation and bring childrens menu's. He did not answer. He made scene in his own bar and humiliated a member of our party. At this point they had allready added the 20% tip to our bill and then was not a whole lot we could do about. The food was average and the prices high. The staff was rude, they laughed at us on the way out the door. Overall this was the worst dining experience I have ever had.

Sunday 07/12/2009
| Stars

The people above are most likely stupid Texans,who themselves are very rude and dirty. if the people could read the menu they would have found out that a salad is extra! please go to mcdonalds if fact just go back from were you came from! i had the bourban street combo and it was worth every red cent! thanks deno's!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 03/25/2009
| Stars

The overpriced food was mediocre at best. The restaurant was dirty. The wait staff lead you to believe that the $30 entrees include a salad, but it will add another $6 to your bill. You will have a better experience at McDonald's.

Sunday 03/22/2009
| Stars

Tourist trap. This place used cheap up sale tactics that are normally found in chain places. For a relaxed family atmosphere I found the staff to be rude and condescending. This was the worst dining experience I have had in quite some time. Please save yourself a headache and choose any other dining establishment in Winter Park. Overall the town is great and very friendly. Sking was great!!

Thursday 01/08/2009
| Stars

As a new Winter Park transplant from CA, I spent a few weeks testing out the restaurants in town and Deno's Mountain Bistro sits high on my favorites list. At first glance I thought the menu prices where pretty high, but after ordering a few different entrees, a pizza, and a salad, I was blown away at the quality of their dishes. Seriously, their food is great! Aside from a wide variety of tasty menu items, their service is incredibly fast and the servers have always been super friendly. I have yet to meet someone in town who dislikes this place!

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