Rise and Shine
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78415 US 40
Winter Park, CO 80482
Cuisine: Deli / Cafe
Price: $5 - $10
Location: Downtown Winter Park

Quick and Casual

Rise and Shine - Winter Park

Rise and Shine Café is a local’s favorite for great breakfast in downtown Winter Park. Everything is baked fresh daily, and the breakfast menu includes fantastic breakfast burritos. They also feature a full espresso bar.
Rise and Shine Cafe's lunch menu includes sandwiches, soups, salads and a daily special. Get to the Rise and Shine Café early in the morning because it can get very crowded!

The Rise and Shine Café serves breakfast until 2pm, with lunch served daily.

Rise and Shine - Reviews

Rise and Shine Winter Park Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 3     |     23 User Reviews

Friday 08/15/2014
| Stars

In response to Cindy's review dated 7/1/13. I'm writing this a year later because she and her party tried this again!! Her first review was in response to a dine and dash that she and two guys and one other lady performed and got caught. After they drank two bloody Mary's each and ate half their food they quickly jumped on their motorcycles and fled. The cops found them down the road at the park and brought them back in to pay their bill. The interesting part of this story is they really knew what they were doing and have apparently done this to several other restaurants in the county!!! This review is now being stated because last week-----they came back! ! ! ~ I noticed the motorcycles one of the women were riding and told them that due to their previous behavior we could not serve them. Watch out, they are professionals! The one lady I remembered (both have a gut) drives a new maroon road gueen, the rest of the gang on black Harley's.

Monday 07/01/2013
| Stars

this is the best place in wp to get breakfast. ignore the reviews of busy out of towners who obviously don't like a good time with good breakfast. food is great, staff is top shelf and coffee to wash it all down. stay shine-y!

Monday 07/01/2013
| Stars

Do not eat here! Worst restaurant experience I ever had! Four of us stopped for breakfast....all the eggs were over cooked. Nobody took a bite off their plate but still were made to pay!

Sunday 02/03/2013
| Stars

This used to be a favorite until yesterday, our observations of the owners behavior was just plain uncomfortable. Yelling and then openly talking about his business in front of his customers was too much. Will not go back.

Saturday 10/27/2012
| Stars

Our favorite place to have breakfast in WP. Everything is homemade and the bakery items are outstanding! Wouldn't miss this place!

Monday 03/19/2012
| Stars

The ONLY scratch bakery in town! Absolutly decadent handmade pastries, gourmet breakfast and lunches. My family and I eat here every time we're up at our second home in W.P. P.S. The owner only yells at the stupid people!

Wednesday 03/14/2012
| Stars

do not know what the bad reviews could be about. we were there for four days and ate there three of the four mornings. The food was great and the service and owner was as nice as could be expected. We would call in the mornings and tell them the group from Alabama was coming and he would have the tables set up and saved for us. We will eat there again when we come back. Thanks Rise and Shine

Friday 02/10/2012
| Stars

I have never been treated as badly as I was in this place. The owner was a jackass.

Monday 11/14/2011
| Stars

Wonderful breakfast sandwiches. I had the BedRoll. It was huge and yummy!! I also had a Vanilla Cappuccino-Which was FANTASTIC for a long drive home from skiing. My boyfriend and I loved this little place.

Saturday 09/03/2011
| Stars

Worst place ever had breakfast, The owner is rude and dirty, Never take your kids there, This place should be reported to police department.

Monday 08/22/2011
| Stars

Do not eat at this restaurant. The food was absolutely horrible. Poached eggs were hard, hollandaise sauce was just butter, and the corned beef was dry. Now, I typically don't post reviews, but the owner was so rude and impolite that I am compelled to do so in this case. My friend had to send her meal back (and did so for the first time in her life). When the owner came out to "apologize', he yelled across the patio in an attempt to embarrass us. He told us we were used to "canned hollandaise" and then stormed away. Ironically, we have dined in many, many fantastic restaurants that use fresh ingredients. Rise and Shine Cafe was one of the worst!

Monday 08/22/2011
| Stars

Rise and Shine should be burned to the ground. The owner embarrasses himself over and over. He has no idea what he's doing. He was rude and everyone on the patio made statements to the tone of "What a jackass!" when he tried to cover the fact that the food was nasty. I ate at this disgusting establishment just this last week. The people leaving warned my party and me NOT to stay. And the table next to us thought that their food was bland and had no flavor. The breakfast potatoes were baked, mashed and with no flavor. The poached eggs were hard-boiled, so I sent them back. The new eggs were also hard-boiled. The corned beef was dry and flavorless and the hollandaise sauce was merely melted butter. This great food quality experience, of course, came after a 45-minute wait for our breakfasts. I have traveled the world and dined in the best restaurants in Colorado, and Rise and Shine was one of the worst restaurants I've ever made the mistake of trying out. The coffee was good.

Tuesday 08/16/2011
| Stars

excellent food. excellent service.... Plus the coffee kicked ass! We went back 3 of the 4 days we were in Winter Park. Thanx RISE AND SHINE!

Wednesday 07/06/2011
| Stars

Wow, the negative reviews below are spot on. My fiance and I just ate here yesterday morning on our way out of town. We planned to eat in the truck since we had a 7 hour drive ahead of us so we asked for our order to go. Walking outside it was so warm and sunny we decided to eat at one of the tables instead. As soon as we sat down a loud mouth (I'm guessing it's the owner from the comments below) yells across the eating area in front of 3 other groups of customers "Look at these 2 getting their order to go so they can eat outside and not have to pay a tip." I really didn't know what to make of this guy, I sort of thought he was kidding but now I don't think he was . I politely told him I had left a tip inside. Once we were in the truck and on our way my fiance told me the reason she didn't finish her food was because she was so uncomfortable as a result of the loud mouth's comments. I wish I knew this before we left town as I would have had a word with this guy. Over $20 for 2 mediocre breakfast sandwiches, a coffee and a tea. I guess the belittlement was free? Avoid this place and the loud mouth owner.

Saturday 01/01/2011
| Stars

This small mom and pop bakery is one of a kind! My family and I visit often and will keep coming back. The food is all made from scratch IN HOUSE, very rare these days. The staff is always friendly, accommodating and the owner is particularly aware of what it takes to make it in such a competitive world. Anyone making a complaint about this restaurant probably had it coming... You just don't find little restaurants with so much character like this anymore!

Thursday 09/30/2010
| Stars

I was a member of the party mentioned on Sept. 26, 2010. There were approximately 20 in our group, and and we were finishing, there were no customers waiting to get in. Besides the owner acting like a pompous &**, when I asked for my coffee, I was told by our waitress that "the coffee is inside, go help help yourself. Look out for the 20%, unmentioned gratuity for groups. Don't waste your time. There's a great deli right beside the Sun-downer motel that will appreciate your business.

Monday 09/27/2010
| Stars

The excessive waistline billowing out from beneath our server's inappropriately-sized shirt was, unfortunately, the least offensive part of this restaurant experience. Our server refused to package our order to-go if we intended to sit outside to eat, would not provide us with cups for water unless we paid 50 cents, never brought a high chair for my child, disappeared until we had cleared our own trash, then provided us with a bill she refused to split that included a 20% gratuity she had neglected to mention. When she came up short though she had settled up with everyone at the table, she demanded we pay the difference. When we refused, she stormed inside to get the owner. She returned alone, continuing to demand additional money, though many in our party had tipped above the total of their bill (with gratuity and tax added) until a member of our party resolved the dispute by paying the overcharges.

Sunday 09/26/2010
| Stars

During ordering our server suggested we go to the neighboring gas station for water so she would not need to charge us 50 cents per cup. Before everyone in our party finished eating, the owner demanded we consolidate our group to fewer tables citing the need to make money as his rationale. A member of our party jested, “I thought you already made money on us,” since we had paid our bill, including a 20% large group gratuity. Unaware of this additional charge, many had tipped additionally. In an infuriated tone, the owner loudly announced to all present, “I guess this guy will be paying for all your meals. I suppose he’s gonna pay the rent.” Though all in our party had paid for their portion of the tab to her individually, the server returned, claiming there were insufficient funds to cover the entirety of the bill, though she was unable to identify any unpaid items. The excess charges were paid to avoid further conflict. My hope in writing this review is to save other potential customers from having a similar experience.

Sunday 02/28/2010
| Stars

Cool place. I love their eggs benedict and their homemade bagels. I don't drink coffee but my girlfriend says they have the best lattes in the world. The owner "who is brilliantly funny" really knows his stuff.

Saturday 09/05/2009
| Stars

Bagles and Lox were fantastic! Best ever. even better than the deli in Denver. Peter, maybe you will trade your lox recepie for my Kosher spicy dill pickles? Enjoyed my 50 second conversation today. You are Great.

Thursday 07/02/2009
| Stars

Delicious breakfast sandwich - try the multi-grain bread. Friendly atmosphere - helpful staff and customers. Gotta love a place that serves espresso AND mimosas.

Sunday 02/08/2009
| Stars

I have no idea what the previous poster is talking about. The owner seemed very friendly, and the food was fantastic. If you're in the area check it out.

Tuesday 02/03/2009
| Stars

I wish I could give zero stars... but I suppose I'll settle for one, the food wasn't bad, but the new owners...ugh. I've never seen somone treat employees or customers so poorly. Insulting customers under his breath and publicly degrading one of the waitresses...I hope you heed my warning and STAY AWAY!

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