Crooked Creek Saloon and Creekside Eatery
2.6 Star Rating  |  5 Reviews

401 Zerex Street
Fraser, CO 80442
Restaurant Website
Cuisine: American
Price: $5 - $20
Location: Fraser

Live Music
Late Night

Crooked Creek Saloon and Creekside Eatery - Fraser

Crooked Creek Saloon and Creekside Eatery features casual fine dining in downtown Fraser. Their mountain casual dining room and modern facilities create a great place to enjoy a drink, listen to live music, or enjoy their internationally inspired cuisine. Crooked Creek Saloon is the oldest bar in Grand County's historic Fraser Valley. Since 1933, when it was known as Clayton's Cafe and Bar, locals, skiers, tourists and even former president Dwight Eisenhower have stopped to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

Crooked Creek Saloon is NASCAR headquarters for Grand County. They also feature the drown-ya blue margarita. You might be blue before you come in but after you drink this baby you'll be smilin'.

Crooked Creek Saloon is open daily from 11am - 2am daily, and opening early at 8am on Saturday and Sunday.

Crooked Creek Saloon and Creekside Eatery - Reviews

Crooked Creek Saloon and Creekside Eatery Winter Park Star Rating    |     Average Rating: 2.6     |     5 User Reviews

Saturday 05/19/2018
| Stars

DO NOT EAT HERE! Filth lurking everywhere. You'll notice even the roughest locals at the bar only drinking beer from cans/bottles and never eating, because filth is a known fact and local joke. Just look at the vents and bar side bathrooms. They keep the kitchen purposely hidden so you don't walk right back out. This place is world famous for filth, worst bartenders, and overpriced food that is far from fresh. Good place for weight loss as you're guaranteed the sh!#$ for days from any food or beverage from the tap. Tap beer undrinkable, because lines so dirty. New owner slaps fresh coat of paint on greasy, moldy, filth build up and raises prices for such exquisite remodel. Enter at your own risk and have a bucket and toilet ready at home...

Monday 01/20/2014
| Stars

If you have ever seen the kitchen in this place you would be floored that the health inspector has not permanently shut the "The Creek" down... and you would probably going running for the bathroom to evacuate your meal. The floors, walls, stove tops, everything... is covered in inches of grease and dirt. The refrigerators are all well above the mandatory minimum of 40 degrees ( I mean like 65+). The meat they serve is consistently GRAY before cooked. The staff is disgusting, the food is disgusting, the atmosphere is awful and the owner is awful.

Thursday 01/31/2013
| Stars

Nasty!!! The previous reviews must be from employees. Completely over priced and disgusting food. Fries taste old, queso is hard, chips are stale, salad bar wilted. Can get a burger 10x better anywhere else for half the price. $14 for a crappy burger with stale fries. $5 for a 1 trip salad bar with old veggies. $17 for the "special" a.k.a yesterday's left overs with a fancy name. Worst money I've ever spent! Your dollar is much better spent at any other dining establishment in Winter Park or Tabernash.

Monday 06/25/2012
| Stars

I have now been to the crooked creek on two separate occasions! Not only was the food amazing....I had a Fraser Burger and YUMMY! Filled my stomach so I could enjoy the cheap beers and excellent live music until the late hours of 2am in the separate bar! AWESOME!!!!

Friday 01/01/2010
| Stars

We had a great dining experience here! We were with 3 kids, and everyone found something they liked on the menu. The food was excellent, the staff extremely friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere fun and laid-back. We are Winter Park weekend-ers, and have tried many of the restaurants in town- and for some, once was enough, but we'll definitely be back to this place!

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